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All About Fordyce Spots, Causes and Natural Treatments

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All About Fordyce Spots, Causes and Natural Treatments

All About Fordyce Spots

Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

What is it?
The skin is the largest bodily organ, it goes through many changes and sometimes is exposed to harmful conditions. Some of us have sensitive and fragile skin. Fordyce Spots is a skin condition that affects the appearance of the skin with bumps or spots, it is common in both genders although more common in men. It is sometimes known as Fordyce granules. People often believe that it is a transmitted disease, but it actually is a natural condition of skin.

What do they look like?

They are little, round, non-painful bumps, they are pale in color, and usually show up on the shaft and scrotum of the penis when affecting men, on the labia when affecting women, and on the lips of the mouth of both genders.


The skin has sebaceous glands which sometimes open into a hair follicle where its oil is deposited onto the hair shaft; when there is no hair present the natural oil of the skin, sebum, gets trapped in this sebaceous gland, creating a bump.

All about Fordyce Spots


Natural remedies:

What to eat to prevent or treat: By including a lot of garlic in your diet you are helping heal the infection, since this food is full of antioxidants. A diet loaded with fruits, especially berries and vegetables high in B vitamins, and vitamins A, C, D, E and K, like kale and broccoli, will restore a healthy appearance to your skin. The use of natural oils like Argania and Jojoba oil, contain Tocopherol extract which is also beneficial, by applying these oil types to the affected skin it will reduce the appearance of these spots.

Personal hygiene: it is important to try and be as clean as you can, since it helps to avoid infections and prevents the condition from getting worse or spread.

Chemical remedies:
Electrodessication: a process in which specialists apply a high-frequency electric current to the affected area, this works by dehydrating the bumps.
Tretonin: this is a gel or cream that helps the affected skin, the combination of this with a chemical called alpha-hydroxy acid gives better and faster results, it reduces and can eliminate the bumps. Drawbacks of this solution are that it might leave a scar depending on the patient’s skin type.

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