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8 Reasons Your Pee Looks Kinda Cloudy

8 Reasons Your Pee Looks Kinda Cloudy

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Looking at your own pee is well disgusting. Nobody wants to look over in the toilet bowl, and see how their pee looks. The truth is though, you might want to peer over to take a look at your pee. Normal pee should be either clear or pale yellow, but what if you look over and your pee is cloudy? It could be something like a urinary tract infection, or something else. 

First of all, do not go off to the internet, and think that you have the worst thing possible. Chances are it is nothing serious. In some cases, it might just be the color of your pee. There are several reasons why your urine might be a bit cloudy. Read on for eight reasons why your pee might be cloudy. 

8 Reasons Your Pee Looks Kinda Cloudy

1. Water Consumption.

The first thing that you should consider when you see cloudy pee is the fact that you are probably dehydrated. Dehydration can quickly cause cloudy pee. You may think that you drink enough, but the fact is that if you are not drinking water, and I mean plain water, you are not hydrated enough. You should be consuming at least 70 ounces of water daily. If you have cloudy urine, increasing your water intake should be the first thing you try. 

2. You have a urinary tract infection.

Oh, how women love to get a urinary tract infection! Not! When bacteria infect your urinary system, you can get a urinary infection. Cloudy urine can be a sign that you have an infection starting. If you suspect that you are getting a urinary infection, you should start on some natural treatments immediately. Drinking cranberry juice, blueberry juice, and apple cider vinegar can all help to get rid of the infection. 

3. You have come down with vaginitis.

Vaginitis is just as annoying as an infection in your urinary tract. You will have cloudy urine as well as a discharge. Even have some itching with vaginitis. You can treat this by changing your diet. You can eat things like yogurt to help keep your PH balanced well. 

4. You have a sexually transmitted infection.

In some cases, when you see cloudy urine, you may have a sexually transmitted infection like Chlamydia or gonorrhea. You will probably see this more in the initial stages of the infection. This is due to the sexually transmitted infection releasing discharge which then taints the urine. 

5. You have a kidney stone.

Kidney stones are painful things that should never exist. Kidney stones cause tiny scratches which may show up like cloudiness in your urine. Dealing with a kidney stone will be painful, but with some diet changes, and increased consumption of water, you should be able to pass them. Diet changes will help to prevent a recurrence of kidney stones. 

6. You have blood in your urine.

In some cases, the cloudiness in your urine is actually blood. This is because it is a small amount, and taints your urine. This blood is typically caused by urinary tract infections, bladder stones, and kidney stones. 

7. You have CKD or chronic kidney disease.

Chronic kidney disease is highly unlikely when you see cloudy urine. It is very rare that a healthy person has this. The disease caused when the kidney stops performing its main functions. It does have other symptoms like nausea, difficulty breathing, yellowing of the skin, and muscle cramps. 

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8. You may have diabetes.

If you have cloudy urine, you may want to consider the fact that you may have diabetes. This is caused by your body not producing insulin efficiently. If you have diabetes, it can be managed by diet and lifestyle changes. 

If you have cloudy urine, consider the above. Try a few diet changes, and increase your water intake. You may see great improvement in your urine quickly.

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