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You Probably Have Tiny Bugs Living on Your Eyelashes Right Now

What Are Eyelash Mites—And How Do You Know If You Have Them

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The very idea of eyelash mites can send shivers up and down your spine, but they’re actually quite common. These mites are literally tiny microscopic bugs that live on the lashes of your eyes. They’re not visible to the naked eye, but they’re definitely there. It would be helpful to know exactly what eyelash mites are and what to do if you have them. 

You Probably Have Tiny Bugs Living on Your Eyelashes Right Now

What in the world are these mites?

The official names for lash mites are Demodex Folliculorum and Demodex Brevis. Lash mites survive by being passed from person to person through skin contact. They live on the facial skin, focusing on the area around the eyelash follicles where they actually lay their eggs. They survive by eating sebum, mucous and other oils created or secreted by your glands and facial pores. The people who are most likely to have a lot of eyelash mites are those that sweat a lot, have oily skin and go to bed without taking off their makeup. 

How do I know if I have them?

Your next big question is to figure out if you have mites. Chances are, you most definitely have them. Again they’re really common on the average person with oily skin, but there are also certain conditions that make it more likely for a person to have lash mites. 

• People with conditions like blepharitis are prone to lash mites. Allergy-related or inflammatory conditions like these are major causes of mites.
• Women are generally more likely to have lash mites than men due to hormonal irregularities.
• Older people may have more lash mites than younger people because sebum production increases as you get older.

What if I don’t want mites on my eyelashes?

Even though you know by now that they’re extremely common, it’s most likely that this fact doesn’t bring you much comfort. Worse, they can cause an issue if there’s an infestation of them. Large amounts of lash mites can cause difficult skin issues. In order to get rid of mites, you need to get rid of the conditions that attract them in the first place. 

• Blepharitis: If you’ve got blepharitis, simply apply a warm washcloth or moist compress over your eyes for a few minutes. This heated, moist cloth will allow you to wipe up buildup and crust around the eyes a lot easier. It can also help cut down on the number of secretions that come out of your eye as a result of blepharitis.

• Tea tree essential oils: tea tree oil is known to have antibacterial properties that kill off microorganisms around the skin. especially around the eyes. It’s particularly powerful in killing off Demodex, the eyelash mite. 

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It’s worth reminding you that these mites are very normal. On the other hand, it’s completely understandable that you don’t want them anywhere near your face, especially if they cause additional issues. The above tips can help get rid of them so that you can go back to your relatively bug-free self.

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