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7 Foods That Are Secretly Staining Your Teeth!

7 Foods That Are Secretly Staining Your Teeth

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Do you ever look at your once-pearly whites in dismay while making a mental note to go visit the dentist for yet another whitening session? Our smiles are important, aren’t they? I know my smile is one of the first things people notice about me, so naturally, I keep my teeth looking bright! What I didn’t realize, though, is that even the healthiest of foods can have setbacks! 

7 Foods That Are Secretly Staining Your Teeth

Here are a few surprising foods that have been staining our smiles- I bet you’ll be surprised! 


Of course, beets are staining our mouths! Is there anything they don’t stain? These nutrient-packed roots are great for our bodies- but for our pearly whites, not so much. Rinse right away and brush as soon as you can to keep your smile bright after consuming beets! If you drink beet juice, try drinking through a straw to keep the staining to a minimum. 

Basalmic Vinegar 

Women’s Health Magazine shares that Basalmic vinegar is a source of tooth-staining! But they reassure us stating that as long as we’re consuming the leafy greens as well, our teeth should be just found. With this in mind, I’ll be trying some new dressings. Another way to mitigate the damage is to make sure to alternate between less acidic dressing options throughout the week. Personally, I love a good poppyseed dressing! 

Coffee and Tea 

See, the coffee didn’t surprise me here. But tea? That’s a shocker, right? It’s true though, there are pigments in tea that can stain your tea. In fact, The Herbal Academy of New England shares that coffee is, in fact, an herbal tea in its own right! Keep this in mind with your morning beverage choices, and don’t forget to floss. 

Tomato sauce 

Between the acidity of the sauce and the color the tomatoes bring, this isn’t surprising! Tomato sauce can stain a tooth, while also breaking it down! In moderate amounts, there’s no need to worry. If you’re a hardcore pasta-lover, though, it might be time to try out some other sauces on occasion. Alfredo, anyone? 


Yes, I said it. Wine is staining your teeth. According to Cleveland Clinic, wine is one of the foods that lead to the darkening of enamel! Think about this next time you reach for that bottle of Pinot Noir! Maybe it’s time to sample some white wines instead. 


Berries are a fabulous part of a healthy diet, so don’t strike these babies off just because you saw it here! Despite their powerful antioxidant properties and other health benefits, the brilliant color of berries can stain as a film over any built up plaque. To keep your smile bright, consider consuming berries before brushing for the day, or at least have a swish of water after eating. 


As if we need another reason to limit our intake of cola and other dark sodas! Next time you want to sip on some cola, consider opting for something lighter! Not only does the sugar cause damage, but the color itself can stain. If dark soda is a must, remember to rinse your mouth after and brush as soon as possible. 

Good News! 

If you want to keep your smile bright and beautiful without extra trips to the dentist, keep these foods in mind. When you do have them, show your smile a little extra love. Brush regularly, especially when you’re finished eating for the day! Like most things in life, none of these foods are the end of the world. It’s all about consistent oral hygiene and moderation!

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