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Helping Pet Anxiety – Things to Know for July 4

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Helping Pet Anxiety – Things to Know for July 4

Helping Pet Anxiety – Things to Know for July 4

As millions of Americans celebrate Independence Day, many others will wind up spending the summer holiday looking for their missing pets. According to the Humane Society, pet shelters across the United States report a dramatic increase in the number of lost dogs and cats in the days surrounding Independence Day.

So, what’s the reason? Are our pets seduced by the smells wafting from a barbecue three blocks away? Are too many intoxicated pet owners leaving their backyard gates open? While these are possible causes of some of the missing pet cases associated with the Fourth of July, they aren’t the primary reasons our dogs and cats run away. The biggest instigator of the uptick in missing pets on Independence Day is the sounds of fireworks.

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Fireworks, by their design, explode in a sudden burst of power which results in a very loud noise ranging from a powdery crackle to a piercing pop to a stretched-out scream. As any American can attest, the sounds of fireworks, depending on their size and the location, can travel for several miles around. If you’re near them when they go off, fireworks can be deafening.

Now imagine being an animal with hearing several times better than that of a human. Fireworks for dogs and cats can be quite the scare, to say the least. In a panic, many animals will simply begin running in a given direction, as fast as possible. Before they know it, they are far from home.

So what can be done? According to this video from Canna-Pet, dog and cat owners can take a number of steps in preparation for the Fourth of July holiday to ensure their pets stay safe and sound. This brand makes a dog supplement from CBD, which comes from industrial hemp. Many of its furry customers use the supplement to alleviate anxiety.

Their advice includes:

-Keep your pets indoors as much as possible. This is especially true at night when fireworks are most commonly being set off.

-Make sure your pets have proper identification which is registered and up-to-date.

Triple check the locks on the doorways leading to the outside.

-Consider giving your pet a cannabidiol-infused treat or specially formulated capsule to help reduce their anxiety. CBD is recommended over alternatives due to the practically zero-percent chance of danger to your pet’s health.

-Take your dog for a long walk during the day and/or play with your cat to tire them out. This reduces the chances of them having the energy necessary to overcome obstacles and sprint away.

Pay close attention to your pet. As the owner, you should know better than anyone the signs of stress being revealed by your dog or cat’s behavior.

Another useful trick for pet owners is to take steps to drown out the noise of fireworks on the Fourth of July. This can be done with the radio and television turned up, or a large fan at its highest setting. While muffling the noises of fireworks is a good idea, pet owners want to take care not to go overboard and cause damage to their pet’s hearing by turning the volume up too loud.

If your dog or cat manages to run away despite your best efforts, contact all your local animal shelters immediately. Even if they haven’t yet encountered your pet, if they do at a later time they will know who to call. It’s also a good idea to download the Nextdoor app, as many missing pets are found by the networking of helpful neighbors.

While it might seem as though your dog or cat got a bit too carried away with the idea of what it means to be free by choosing to run away on Independence Day, the truth is they were probably scared off by the frightening noise of fireworks. Take the proper steps to ensure both you and your pets have a great holiday this July 4.

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