The ONLY Key to the True Desire

The ONLY Key to the True Desire

The ONLY Key to the True Desire

The happiest time in a relationship is at the beginning. Newlyweds are obsessed with each other. They can’t seem to spend more than ten minutes away without calling the other person. When they were dating, perhaps they spent hours on the phone sharing their most personal secrets and dreams. Without realizing it, these new couples were actively working on and achieving true desire. Over time, the magic of the relationship seems to dim, leaving the couple in a state of nostalgia. So, what’s the trick to keeping the sparks flying?

The ONLY Key to the True Desire

Mindfulness. Be Here Now.

It’s that easy. Mindfulness is making a decision to be present in the moment. Most importantly, it requires that one pays attention to one’s thoughts. Asking oneself what one feels can make a significant difference when interacting with your partner.

Often, it is easy to get caught up in work, children, money and family responsibilities. Couples feel as if they have drifted away from each other and are no longer important in comparison to the long list of responsibilities. Thinking of the future and the past to excess steals happiness.

The good news is that everyone can work towards being present. Over time this way of thinking becomes a habit, and one’s appreciation for the person they are with will soon increase.

Slow down

One way to quiet the feeling of a fast life, with no enjoyment or love, is to start taking inventory. Pay attention to the small things one’s partner does on a daily basis.

A kind word, listening to one’s problems, helping with the household work, buying small gifts – these are all actions that one frequently takes for granted. Notice the simple things, instead of looking for grand gestures of love.

Communication is a Key

When one begins to notice the little ways their partner loves them, take the extra step and express gratitude verbally. Too many times one only thinks about how thankful they are without actually saying it. Affirming one’s love verbally creates a strong sense of true desire.

At the beginning of a relationship, the two most frequently said words were, “I love you,” and “Thank you.” Practicing these more in daily life to see a noticeable contrast.

What’s Really Happening?

To become close to one’s partner, one must be close to oneself. Anger and frustration are things that create distance. Understanding the real reasons why one would be upset, before blaming the person next to them, is critical.