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3 Signs Indicating there is an Asshole in Your Life That Makes You Feel Depressed

3 Signs Indicating there is an Asshole in Your Life That Makes You Feel Depressed

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Before you say that you have low self- confidence or depression, you should be sure that you are not surrounded by idiots. Likewise, many people will experience the same once in a lifetime and feeling let down by those who you trusted.

3 Signs Indicating there is an Asshole in Your Life That Makes You Feel Depressed

There are many times that other peoples’ behaviors have influenced your feelings, which have resulted from you to have ended your relationship because it’s lower your self-confidence. Different individuals can be assholes in many ways. Sometimes you may feel depressed, or you have a little confidence, thus here are 3 well-elaborated signs indicating you are surrounded by people who make feel in a particular way. They include:

They are happy in their own stupidity

If someone is having stupidity that does not mean that someone is not smart enough. This is because there is no person that knows everything. For example, if a particular individual has no idea about driving, this means they would not teach someone else.

However, these assholes think they are smart and know everything. In fact, they are happy at their stupidity. Even though they would know nothing about driving, they purport to give you all lectures about driving like they are professional in that field.

They are selfish bullies

You should note that these idiots are self- centered and even rude to other people, which is sad. They also don’t care other people feelings, opinions, contribution, and the input which they term the not important to them. Sometime they may even ridicule you in order to feel good about themselves. You should just know them and understand there is different between self-caring and selfishness.

They are offensive and loud

These people are not shy and cannot keep quiet. They show no interest in dialog, but they want to shout, talk, and utilize other people personal space. You should also know some cases, they are not aware of what they are doing, but in other cases, they do it for purpose and their full knowledge. This behavior is not good and should not be encouraged at all.

Why do assholes make you feel depressed?

When you are in the company of these assholes, it might affect your self-confidence. Majority of people are raised with good habits such as listening to others, sharing conversation, mentioning other people good qualities and expecting other to do the same. Respecting opinions of others peoples do not mean you are agreeing with them. It demonstrates to others that you have control on yourself and also you are positive to them.

Sometime this idiot might be a person who you relate on daily occasion such as church, workplace, school, or even at home. Thus, controlling the anger will be a bit hard. As a result, your self-confidence will start to decrease. It can lead to fatigue, sadness, depression, and become hopeless. However, you cannot be able to avoid them for life. This is because you will find these assholes throughout your life and are all over. You just need to learn few things to accommodate and deal with them.

Be honest with yourself

To deal with these assholes, you need to allow yourself to see your real situation. This enables you to realize there is someone in your life that is destroying you emotionally. By acknowledging this, you will be able to work on yourself and gain back your self-confidence.

Lower the exposure

For some reasons, you should avoid much interaction with these people. If someone is from work, you can ask for a different office or even minimize your talk with them. You can also force break up with them.

Do something

If this asshole is someone in your home, this does not mean you cannot do anything positive to you. Even if this asshole is your sibling, you can still talk to them to change their behavior if they do intentionally.

Healthy self-care strategies

When you take care of yourself, you will feel good and regain your self-confidence. You just need to have routine and make sure you eat well, have a regular sleep and start exercising habits. You should also make sure you spend time with people who can support you and makes feel good.

Have a support system

During the recovery period from a bad influence, you are supposed to get a person you can trust. Sometimes it can be a professional therapist or anybody close to you. You may feel extremely bad due to this asshole, and this might complicate your recovery than you thought; so you need to be brave enough to seek professional help and guidance. After the full recovery, you should stop interacting with toxic people and learn how to avoid and protect yourself from these assholes.

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