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Staying Safe No Matter Where You Are

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Staying Safe No Matter Where You Are

If you are a hands-on kind of person, both at work and at home, safety matters! From welding to home repairs, there are plenty of ways to harm yourself that can result in lost work and loss of income. It’s always important to take those safety precautions no matter where you are. Today, we are talking about some vital ways to protect yourself.

Staying Safe No Matter Where You Are

Taking Care Of The Eyes

If you are a welder by trade, you already are well aware of the need for protecting your eyeballs. No one wants any debris flying up to the eye! That debris can cause serious damage to your sight and you will certainly want to keep your vision in order to see the faces of your family and friends, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and to keep on working. Safety goggles and glasses are recommended anytime you are working with debris. That can be cutting wood with a saw, cutting metals, welding, working with chemicals, and even working with hot grease. Finding prescription safety glasses online is fairly easy to do, just be sure that the model you purchase covers your whole eye area to avoid anything coming in from the side or the top.

Watching Your Lungs

Finer debris can be hazardous to your lungs. Have you ever noticed a nail technician wearing a face mask? That’s because the small debris from the nail can enter the lungs and cause all sorts of issues. Typically people develop breathing problems and even worse. While asbestos is not nearly as common, if you are remodeling an older home you will want to cover your face for this reason. Breathing asbestos in can cause lung cancer as well as the thickening of the outer covering of the lung, called pleura. Even if you are positive you are not dealing with asbestos, it’s simply better to always cover your mouth when working with fine debris. Take care of your lungs and your lungs will keep functioning for you.

Minding Your Limbs

At work, you may already be taking measures to protect your arms, hands, head, and feet. These may include:

·  Heavy duty protective gloves

·  Guards on your machinery

·  Steel-toed shoes

These same things can be used at home. If you enjoy a little metalsmithing, protective face masks and gloves are essential to keeping you from getting burned on your hands and face. Home repairs, remodeling, or woodworking projects would also require steel-toed shoes to protect your feet in case you drop something. Most machines come with guards to protect your fingers from accidentally being cut, but check and be sure you are using those guards.

Keeping A Basic Medical Kit On Hand

Accidents happen, even when you use protective gear. Having a first aid kit on hand is essential to helping you or your loved ones in an emergency. We would still advise calling 911 but having this on hand can help you while you are waiting for their arrival. Some ideas for your medical kit are:

·  Band-aids

·  Antiseptic wipes

·  Disinfectant ointment

·  A roll of gauze

·  Small scissors

·  Large triangular bandages

·  Tweezers

·  Eyecup

·  Small mirror

·  Boric acid solution

·  Butterfly bandages

·  A clean plastic bag

·  Instant cold compress

·  Aspirin

·  Asthma inhaler

·  An up-to-date emergency first-aid guide

Remember to work smart no matter where you are. Be sure you are not overly tired, well hydrated, and using all of your protective gear. Taking care of you ensures you can work as long as you want, whether that’s for home or for income.

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