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Drink This Juice For Just FOUR Days To Get Clear Skin

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Drink This Juice For Just FOUR Days To Get Clear Skin

Drink This Juice For Just FOUR Days To Get Clear Skin

When it comes to getting glowing skin and vibrant hair, most of us tend to look outward, focusing on what products we use on our skin and our hair. However, new research is showing that the key to a great complexion and vibrant hair might not be in the products we buy at the department store, but rather what we eat, drink and how we nourish our bodies. In other words, great beauty on the outside comes from within.

Louise Roe Claims- Drink This Juice Just 4 Days To Get Perfect Glowing Complexion

Enter Louise Roe. This beauty and fashion guru has long been teaching women how to get the look they want. Now she’s teaching women how they can get an amazing complexion and great hair by incorporating a revolutionary juice into their diet.

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Roe claims that if she drinks this juice for four days in a row, by day five she is looking vibrant and glowing. She advises that individuals keep a healthy diet and drink plenty of water in addition to drinking this miraculous beauty juice. Here’s how to make Roe’s amazing skin and hair elixir.

Avocado juice

What You’ll Need:

  • 4 ice cubes
  • A cup of spinach
  • A cup of parsley
  • A cup of watercress
  • A half of an avocado, ripened
  • 1 whole pear
  • 1 peeled lime

To make, simply blend all of the ingredients. Don’t worry about having to “choke it down;” this juice isn’t just effective at giving you magazine-worthy skin and hair, but it’s delicious as well. Plus, it’s incredibly filling. Roe claims that this juice kills her afternoon hunger cravings.

So how does it work? Well, it all comes down to each individual ingredient packing some serious skin-saving benefits and blending together to create one super elixir. Spinach, watercress and parsley are all packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, not to mention lots of filling fiber. Since it can be hard to get that much into one salad, blending it into a juice makes it easy to get it all into your system.

The other ingredients have skin-saving benefits as well. Avocados are full of the good types of fat, which makes our skin look naturally hydrated and supple. This is why many DIY beauty blogs suggest adding mashed avocado to homemade hair and skin masks, but it’s just as beneficial to your skin and hair when you consume it instead of applying it topically. Pears aren’t widely known as a beauty superfood, but they should be. They slow the body’s absorption of sugar and the result is improved collagen and skin elasticity.

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Roe’s juice isn’t the only way to get glowing skin and gorgeous hair from the inside. You can also take a cue from books like The Perricone Prescription and add a few skin-saving foods to each meal. To banish wrinkles and encourage suppleness and hydration, eat tons of foods containing good fats, like nuts, salmon and olive oil. To banish breakouts and dullness, eat foods high in natural antioxidants, such as cantaloupe, blueberries and pomegranate.

At the end of the day, the message is clear. For supple skin and stunning hair, you need to not only use the right products, but nourish yourself from the inside out.

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