If you have ever experienced the sciatic nerve pain, you know how is unbearable. The reasons for the occurrence of sciatica include body injuries, spinal stenosis, and ruptured disk among others. When you experience sciatic nerve pain, you need first to be checked your hips and the lower back. It also necessary to make a stretch, this will allow your hip to rotate and to get relief.

11 Piriformis Stretches to get Rid of Sciatica, Hip, and Lower Back Pain.

When the sciatic nerves pass through your muscle, you usually get piriformis syndrome which results pains in your hips and lower back. A lot of people who are affected by this pain, they often use various medications such as painkillers. However, you can try multiple exercises to save yourself from other side effects lather than pain its self. They include:

Supine Piriformis stretch

You need just to lie down and bend your knees. You should also cross your harmed leg and the other towards your chest. Where one hand should hold your ankle with the other hold your knee; then you should draw upfront your shoulder in the same way with your ankle. You should keep this position for about half a minute.

Standing Piriformis stretch

For this exercise, you are supposed to stand up. Position your harmed leg above the knee of the other leg.  At the same time lowers your hip at an angle of 45 degrees and the bend your torso upfront. Then, you are required to extend your arms aligned to the ground. You should stay for about half a minute in this position then you do the same with the other leg.

Hip Piriformis stretch

To perform this exercise, you just need to lie down, bend your harmed leg, and then keep your foot close toward the knee of the other leg. At the same time curl your leg to the opposite side while you touch the floor with your knee. You should maintain in this position for about twenty seconds.

Long abductor stretch

For this exercise you are required to sit down, then extend your legs far and out apart. Place your hands on the ground and bend your torso upfront. Try to touch the ground with your elbows, and stay in this position for about twenty seconds.

Short adductor stretch

For this exercise, you are supposed to sit down, and then put your feet together in front of you. Using your left hand hold your right ankle, and with the right hand hold the left ankle. Proceed on to push down your knees. Finally, you can stay in this position for about thirty seconds.

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Side-lying clam

For this exercise, you are required to lie on the side with the harmed hip. Then tilt your legs back into an L shape while keeping your legs parallel. You are not supposed to tilt your spine or body, but you should keep harmed hip high. Finally, raise your top knee and stay in this position for a moment.

Hip extension

You are supposed to place your knees and hands on the ground.  You should make sure you keep your hands aligned with your shoulders. Raise your harmed leg while tilting your knee and then lower your leg again. You can do this for about fifteen times.

Supine Piriformis side stretch

For this exercise, you are supposed to lie down straight on your back and flattening your legs. Tilt your harmed leg up and place your foot away from the other leg and it should be close to the knee. Drag the knee of the harmed leg across the middle line of your body and make sure you have not raised your shoulders or hips. You can stay in this position for about thirty seconds. You can do it for three times.

Bottom stretch of the Piriformis muscle

This type of exercise requires your foot of the harmed leg to be under your stomach. You are then supposed to curl it toward your opposite side close to your hip. Then direct your knees toward your shoulder. You also are supposed to touch the ground with your forehead as you are expected to extend the other leg. Lastly, your pelvis should be straight. Stay in that position for about half a minute.

Seated stretch

This exercise you need a chair. You are required to sit on the chair and cross your harmed leg over the other one. Make sure you maintain your back straight and chest is required to be upfront. Bend slowly as you take two breaths for about half a minute.

McKenzie press up

For this exercise, you are required to lie on the ground facing downwards. Rest your head for at least two minutes on any side you want. Place your elbows on the ground so that you can lean. Take a deep breath so that you can relax for about three minutes.

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