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This Mother Claims That A Cheap Cream Cured Her Little Girl’s Eczema

This Mother Claims That A Cheap Cream Cured Her Little Girl’s Eczema

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An enchanted mother of one has exalted a cheap ‘miracle’ cream which she alleges it helped to cure her daughter’s painful skin condition.

Aged 23, Paige Sweeny has been flocking dermatologists’ offices for more than two years in a quest to find a solution for her 3-year-old daughter, Evie-Rae, who was suffering from eczema but all in vain.

According to Paige, her daughter would wake up in the middle of the night and scratch her body until she could bleed.

This Mother Claims That A Cheap Cream Cured Her Little Girl’s Eczema

Without Another Option

Desperate of ever finding a solution, the Nottingham-based mother found a £3.99 Child’s Farm Baby Moisturizer on the shelves of a local Boots and settled on experimenting with it. To her surprise, Evie’s eczema faded within a short time.

In a conversation with MailOnline, Paige described it as a ‘miracle cream’ and noted that she started seeing the skin of her daughter clearing up within a matter of days. She could not believe it, Paige added.

3 months after she started applying the ‘miracle cream,’ Evie’s is currently still eczema-free. Her mother suggests that this cream can save a lot if the NHS put it on prescription.

Years of Struggle

Most of Evie-Rae young life was wasted in doctors’ offices. And as a full-time mum, Paige would constantly take her to local dermatologists since the condition was interfering with the entire family’s quality of life.

The doctors would issue the toddler a range of antibiotics and steroid creams, but the symptoms would not disappear.

She experienced painful rashes which would flare up on her hands, around her mouth, and in the creases located at the back of the knees.

Paige Recalls

Paige could still remember all that she had tried in an attempt to help her daughter who developed the condition since she was born. Aged only five weeks, Evie was diagnosed with a milk allergy.

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a condition which manifest with symptoms like itchy, dry, red, and cracked skin. Most kids usually develop Atopic eczema before they celebrate their first birthday. Eczema symptoms can appear on a small patch of the skin although it can be widespread in some people.

Child’s Farm Baby Moisturizer

This dermatologist-approved ‘miracle cream’ contains the following active ingredients:

• Shea butter
• Grapefruit
• Tea tree oil

These ingredients are thought to be soft, natural, and suitable for kids to help in preventing irritation while keeping the skin moisturized.

Evie-Rae is also allergic to nut, soy, and egg. The mother says they are ever cautious with what they give her, but were delighted with this cream because the ingredients were all natural.

Boots claim that this cream is so gentle and mild, making it suitable for newborns and kids prone to eczema. 98% of the ingredients are naturally derived contains no parabens, mineral oils, or artificial colors.

Paige Raids FaceBook

Delighted to see the improvement in the appearance of Evie’s skin, Paige started uploading photos of her daughter, before and after the ‘miracle cream.’

Joanna Jensen, the founder of Childs Farm, commented that Paige and Evie’s story is not uncommon to them. It is a demonstration of how a small change can bring a difference, Added Jensen.

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