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6 Fruits You Can’t Believe You’re Eating Wrong

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6 Fruits You Can't Believe You’re Eating Wrong

6 Fruits You Can’t Believe You’re Eating Wrong

Did you just spend thirty-six minutes peeling a mango? Does the idea of doing it again send you into a violent, frothing, possibly-bear-like rage? Or are you coming dangerously close to losing an eye to pomegranate seeds? (Statistics confirm that 9 out of 10 fatal eye injuries are pomegranate related.)

Well, let’s just be completely honest here — there’s a right and a wrong way of doing things. (Except in the case of shark wrestling, in which case every way is horribly, horribly wrong.) And you might just be surprised that you are doing something as simple as eating fruit the wrong way! Yep, unless you’re “in the know” with advanced fruit eating techniques, you’re probably putting yourself through much more horrible pain and unpleasantness than you really deserve.

Don’t worry, though! You don’t have to stay a fruit neophyte forever! Watch as we teach you the methods of fruit eating masters of old, taught down from generation to generation in mythical, mystic, strangely fruit related Eastern temples. With these techniques, you too can wow friends and strangers alike with your crazy skilled abilities, like cutting the end off a strawberry with only a straw!

Hold on to your butts and prepare your mind. This is gonna get wild.

Fruit wild.

6 Fruits You Can't Believe You’re Eating Wrong

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