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5 Questions To Ask If You Are Single

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5 Questions To Ask If You Are Single

5 Questions To Ask If You Are Single

Are you single and wishing you were in a relationship?

Here are some questions and ideas that can help you examine the same:

Do I spend too much time with the people I love?
Spending too much time with your younger brother and his wife, your best friend, and cousins is always fun, but should you reconsider the time you spend with them? You might be too involved with other people so that you can’t make contacts with other singles. Spending too much time with your close circle is comfortable, but you should expand your circle.

Why do I lack answers when it comes to tough questions?
Often family and close friends ask many questions with the motive of helping you change your relationship status. They may ask questions why you are so picky and what you want, these questions can keep you awake at night. Stop worrying if you don’t have the answers. It’s sometimes more important to know what you don’t want, don’t feel pressured to be in a bad relationship rather than alone.

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Do I have a love success pattern?

Think of the people you love and who love you back, excluding family members as they are not in this category. When you list only friends, narrow your count to 3 with whom you have strongest relationship and you trust the most. Now when you look at them, you will find that all of them are dissimilar at first glance, with professions at lifestyle, but will hold some common values that are important to you, maybe loyalty, sense of humor, and spirituality, this is where you love well. Understanding your personality and choices will help you find the right partner.

What should I never do again?
You do not have to do everything for love or dating, for example you don’t have to go on blind dates when somebody has sent you an email addressing you as Stephanie when your name is Carol, or you don’t have to go to some lunch/dinner party where you can’t sit for long leaving your job. Nothing is more attractive than your happiness, don’t do things out of your comfort zone just to please someone, and don’t feel defensive or guilty about not doing them. Take part in activities that you enjoy and go to dinner parties that interest you. Make yourself happy first.

What heartbreaks have I saved myself from?
Sometimes we pick a person who would make a great parent, never leave you, or one all your friends like. It’s good to have a person like this as you would never eat dinner alone, but to be happy in a relationship you can’t be with someone you don’t love. You can’t be with someone who doesn’t know the real you. You may console yourself that you have kids or joint accounts, but relationships can end. You may also get depressed. The point is, if your friends and family advise you to marry for the sake of kids and a secure future, tell them you are responsible for your happiness and you have to follow your heart.

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