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What Exactly is Volume Restoration?

What Exactly is Volume Restoration?

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You’ve heard all about it and why it’s important and how volume is such an important part of a young case. Or have you? You see it in advertisements for dermal fillers and other anti-age cosmetic treatments, statements like “Restore volume” or “More face volume for a younger look,” but what do these actually mean and what are they referring to? After all, if we’re talking about cosmetic treatments, which have a science behind them, we’re not referring to some abstract idea of what it means to be young.

What Exactly is Volume Restoration?

We’re literally talking about a very much physically existing face and its features, or the lack thereof. In this case the lack of volume which makes the face look older. So, let’s clear up any vagueness and take a plunge into the world of volume and dermal fillers.

What is Volume

When you think of a younger vs older face, what are some things that come to your mind? On an older face, you’ll probably imagine wrinkles and stretched out skin, whereas smooth and perfectly even surfaced on the young. What about the pigmentation? Generally, younger faces have a more smooth color pallet and nothing is out of place, though obviously, everyone’s skin is different and some people may naturally have a larger variety in their skin pigmentation. However, it’s no secret that as the skin gets older, it naturally attracts a whole bunch of dark spots called “sun spots” which are quite visible and are a telltale sign of aging.

Volume does not work in such a visible fashion, it’s a lot more nuanced. While wrinkles and skin pigmentation are straight-forward and don’t need any extra examination to understand and notice, the volume is much more subtle and works behind the scenes. 

Now, sure, the structure of your skull will not change and the shape of your head will stay the same all throughout your life. But the shape of your face can and will change at some point, as your skin gets looser and saggier with age. Part of having tight skin isn’t just about seeing no wrinkles, but also seeing those curves and contours of your face, like the cheekbones, that straight jawline, and chin. 

All of these make up the smooth-cut shape of your face and give it that youthful and fresh appearance. But as times goes on and with that little thing called gravity always weighing you down, you’ll find your skin getting weaker and saggier. Once it begins to droop in this fashion, the smooth edges created by all those curves on your face are lost under folds of older skin, and the shape of your face sags.

You’ll notice how older skin tends to have bags in various places, like above the chin, below the jawline, and under the eyes. This comes from a loss of volume or tightness of the face. Basically, the older you get the more volume you lose and the more volume you lose, the saggier your face gets, looking more tired and droopy as a result.

How It’s Restored

So, if you’re worried about people being able to tell whether or not you’ve gone through treatment, then you have very little to worry about. Thanks to the method of injections, as well as the compound itself, discerning between treated and untreated faces is very hard to do nowadays. Also, thanks to the advanced compound, you also don’t have to worry about long-lasting side-effects and recover times.

Most clients report that the side-effects wear off within the first week after the treatment and the side-effects themselves are said to be very light in nature. You can expect anything from a little swelling to itching and dryness immediately after the treatment and this will continuously go away within that initial week.

After the treatment, there is also very little to do in terms of skin maintenance. The only thing you’ll be asked to do is not put more strain on your skin, especially the treated area than you need to. This especially refers to other cosmetic treatments; don’t get them unless you know that your skin has completely recovered. 

Put Your Trust in the Right Clinic

Picking the right clinic will only make your experience with volume restoration that much better, so you need to pick the right place and the right treatment plan in order to maximize results and get the best out of your budget.

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