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Do I Really Need to Clean My Colon?

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Do I Really Need to Clean My Colon?

Do I Really Need to Clean My Colon?
By: PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

The alternative medical therapies intended to remove feces and nonspecific toxins from the colon and intestinal tract is known as colon cleansing.

One can consider following points before coming to a conclusion whether or not they actually need a colon cleanse:

• Many experts claim that if left to its own devices, sludge builds up in the large intestine somewhat like a clogged drain pipe. That sludge contains toxins which can make the body poisonous. Several pound of this toxic build-up is being carried by many people and colon cleansing can help eliminate this which improves your health.

• There is a group of experts as who spend time looking around inside people’s colons and they say that the above mentioned theory is not relevant at all. According to them, how much material is present in a person’s large intestines varies from person to person and day to day. Nothing in your colon, including the cells lining it, are there for more than few days, except in rare cases where impaction or extreme constipation is involved.

• Many believe that colon cleansing will help you lose weight, the fact is it will not. By the time food reaches your large intestines most of the calories and nutrients from food you’ve eaten have been digested. What you will lose is nothing but water. The colon-cleansing products available may help you lose some money from your wallet but will certainly not help you to lose weight.

• Another point to consider if you consider a cleanse is the health of your colon. The health of your colon would not necessarily be enhanced by colon cleansing. Laxatives administered from one end or the other are often from colon cleanse programs. Its not a great idea to take laxatives if you are not constipated. Fluid and electrolyte balance can be disrupted by laxatives and even beneficial bacteria in your intestine can be washed away. You can also experience constipation if you use laxatives regularly, especially when its not needed.

Do I really need to clean my colon?

There are certain signs which help one to realize that their colon actually needs cleansing. Those signs are as follows:

• When you feel tired and sluggish, especially after 8 or more hours of sleep can be an indicator that colon cleansing would be helpful.

• You are eating a reduced amount of calories and finding it difficult to lose weight.

• You notice that your skin is turning pale with dark spots, possibly even acne.

• Your bowel movements are primarily liquid or you don’t have daily bowel movements.

• Consistency of heavy paste is noticed in your bowel movements.

• In spite of practicing good hygiene, you experience bad breath and foul body odor.

• You are sick frequently.

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