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Incorporating Exercise into Your Lifestyle


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As you grow older your body’s metabolism begins to slow down and maintaining weight can become a difficult thing to do. Whether you need to lose weight or want to stay in shape, incorporating an exercise routine into your lifestyle at any age will help you to achieve these goals.

Incorporating Exercise into Your Lifestyle

Working out from home

There are advantages and disadvantages to working out from home. On the plus side, you don’t have to get dressed and you can choose the time of your workout to accommodate the day’s events. Working out from home also allows you to do your exercises in private without the added stress of having others around you. The downside is that while you may have every intention of committing to your workout a few times a week unless you use discipline it’s too easy to give in and skip a day.

Joining a gym

Joining a gym also has its pros and cons. The positive aspect of joining a gym like Fitness 19 is that you have various equipment at your disposal. This allows you to change up your routine and keep your workout from getting stale. In addition to stationary equipment such as elliptical, bikes and weight machines, many have a variety of weekly exercise classes. You can choose to do a Zumba class on Monday and switch to a Barre class on Thursday.

Other ways to get in your weekly exercise

If exercising in the traditional sense is not something you enjoy, do something else. When you view your workout as a chore you eventually give up. Instead, take a new approach and explore other ways to get in your weekly exercise. If you have a recreation center nearby like the YMCA there is an abundance of physical activities available. You can head to the pool and do laps or join a water class, play basketball, take up a dance or yoga class, walk or schedule a cardio workout.  The form of exercise you choose to do is not as important as doing something that gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping. 

Hiring a personal trainer

Some people are embarrassed about the way they look. If this description fits you, hiring a personal trainer might work out as a better option. This can have a positive lasting effect on your view of exercising. A personal trainer designs a workout that will target the areas of your body that need the most attention. In addition to getting you back into shape, a personal trainer can also help you with modifications to your diet so that you maintain your weight once you achieve your goal.

Getting and staying active

In order to lose weight, you must burn up more calories than you take in. If you don’t want to give up a meal and replace it with yogurt or a salad, then you need to stay active. There are many ways throughout your day to do this. At work get up from your chair more often, at lunchtime park the car and take to get your meal and add a brisk walk before or after work. By increasing your level of activity even in subtle places you’ll burn up more calories and be able to enjoy an occasional treat without undoing your efforts.

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