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Improve Your Life by Sleeping in the Buff ( sleep naked )

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Improve Your Life by Sleeping in the Buff ( sleep naked )

A study has been released stating that less than 10% of Americans sleep naked. How in the world is this number so low? I sleep naked whenever I can get away with it (ie. not expecting company, not camping, etc) and experts actually say that sleeping in the all-together is good for you. Below are just some of the health benefits, physically and psychologically, you can reap when you ditch the jammies and embrace those sheets!

1 – Statistically-speaking, people sleep better when they’re naked

. Your body temperature naturally declines as you sleep and when you sleep wearing thick pajamas or heavy blankets that keep you warm, keeping too warm will disrupt that cycle. This can cause you to toss and turn, reducing your quality of sleep and decreasing the amount of REM sleep you achieve.

2 – It airs you out, both upstairs and downstairs

. This is good for men but even better for women. This also helps those who have folds of fat. Sleeping in the nude helps prevent the growth of yeast and bacteria while drying out spots of perspiration and keeping the body comfortable.

3 – Speaking of which, chances are you’ll lose weight faster

. When you sleep solidly through the night, it lowers cortisol levels. Waking up with too much of this hormone makes you hungrier and more likely to consume high-calorie, non-nutritional foods.

Improve Your Life by Sleeping in the Buff

4 – Being too warm during the night also affects how the body releases some of its anti-aging hormones

. When the temperature drops, the body releases more hormones that keep hair looking healthy and skin taut.

5 – You’ll be more likely to be frisky

. Skin-to-skin contact increases bonding hormones such as oxytocin as well as making you more sensitized to your partner’s touch. It will increase feelings of trust, connectivity, and lower your heart rate… at least until the lovemaking begins.

6 – You’ll feel more confident during the day, as well as have more energy

. Both of these are side effects of sleeping well, but they deserve their own mention because most people lack these feelings in their everyday lives.

7 – Wearing fewer clothes means more blood flow, which means less pain.

This help eliminate discomfort from the abdominal region and even waist pain as well as tension. Tight elastic bands don’t do you any favors and should be either loosened or disregarded entirely for a more comfortable rest. There’s even research that shows sleeping naked benefits those who have difficulty sleeping, like insomniacs, as it feels comforting.

8 -There are some reports that bare skin absorbs nutrients more effectively than when clothes are on

. Going naked accelerates the skin’s repair processes and uninterrupted airflow will help. Sleeping naked allows sebaceous glands to work at full capacity, which improves the body’s metabolic rate.

If you can’t shimmy out of those pajamas at the bedroom door for whatever reason, reducing your linens will be a big help. Don’t pile on the comforters and quilts, try for just a sheet for a while. Lose those pajama sets and skimp down to a nightshirt, foregoing underthings, at least right before you hit the hay.

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