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10 Interesting Things That Happens To You When You Dating Your Coworker

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10 Interesting Things That Happens To You When You Dating Your Coworker

10 Interesting Things That Happens To You When You Dating Your Coworker

Workplace fraternization is inevitable. When people get together, they are attracted to one another, interested in one another and throw caution to the wind. People are typically not concerned with the risk of dating and they think that being with that person is worth the risk of dating this individual. But there are pros and cons related to dating a colleague. Anytime you are dating somebody who is in such close quarters, you will find that there are consequences. Further, the environment of the workplace often generates unexpected consequences.


1 – The possibility of a breakup.
Everybody goes through a breakup at some point. When they do, what you really want to do is forget about them. But that can be very challenging you see each other every single day. It will be difficult for either of you to move on under those circumstances. In fact, this often leads to one of them quitting after the failed relationship! Can you blame them? What if you have to endure your ex going out with another coworker? Ouch!

2 – Emotional baggage.
A lot of negative emotions come with a relationship. When that relationship comes to the workplace, those emotions could manifest in ways that you do not want them to. The last thing you want is to create an embarrassing scene.

3 – It is a distraction.
If you are in a relationship with a new person, this will stimulate feelings of excitement and happiness. You will want to express your relationship, have your arm around each other, flirt and laugh together. But while this is fun for the couple, other people think it is extremely distracting.

4 – People make assumptions.
The workplace environment brings a number of struggles with it that many people do not consider. When dating a coworker, other employees will assume that they are giving their partner preferential treatment.

5 – It might be easy to get sick of each other.
You might feel like your significant other is hovering over you all of the time, watching you, wondering what you are up to. That can get old pretty quickly.

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6 – It can prevent cheating.
If you are away from your significant other for several hours throughout the day, you might be more tempted to snuggle up next to a coworker. Temptation does not go away. It often just increases as time passes. But if your significant other is around all of the time, you will have a constant reminder of your commitment.

7 – You will be able to be friends first.
In a day of internet dating, people often meet their significant other and plunge right into a relationship without knowing who they are. Then everything comes out during the course of a relationship. Being friends first is much more natural and makes more sense. If you engage in an office romance, it probably progressed from a friendship. This means that you already know something about them and will feel secure.

8 – They will understand.
People often are bored or uninterested listening to their significant other talking about their day. They do not know any of these people. But if you both work in the same place, you will have the same complaints and will be able to sympathize with one another.

9 – You can have time together.
If you want to have lunch together or take a break for a few moments, you can do that. That opportunity it there. This will create a stronger bond.

10 – You will not have to deal with scheduling conflicts.
If you work in an office where everybody works the same shift, you will never have to deal with different schedules. You can make plans without having to worry that one of you will not be able to make it.

An office romance will bring unique struggles that most people never have to deal with. But it also has unique benefits that others do not have. Some people think they are worth it. Either way, you are probably just going to follow your heart. So, you should consider these when moving forward.

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