Migraines affect over 29 million people in the United States. These throbbing headaches are painful and can last for days. Unfortunately, migraines are difficult to treat. Many of the medications that doctors prescribe have bad side effects or are not effective. This causes many who suffer from migraines to look for alternative migraine treatment.

The latest migraine cure that people are talking about is the daith piercing. This piercing is different than a regular ear piercing as it goes through the cartilage of the inner ear. There are many stories on social media from people who say that it has helped relieve their migraine pain. Doctors do not know how this method works, and there have been no studies about it.

Daith Piercing The Latest Alternative Migraine Treatment

Anyone who considers this method as a migraine cure should talk to their doctor first. Only a professional should perform a daith piercing, and the piercing needs special care while it heals.

Keep in mind that this is what is known as an alternative treatment. This means that most doctors would not recommend it, and it has not been studied by scientists. The only advice available online is from regular people who have tried it. This video provides good information.