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Touching These Spots On Her Body Will Make Her Crazy Hot

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Touching These Spots On Her Body Will Make Her Crazy Hot

Touching These Spots On Her Body Will Make Her Crazy Hot


For most heterosexual males, many feats in life center on obtaining the attention and attraction of the desired female. Developing a better understanding of female amorous zones may be the most effective strategy for garnering closer relationships with women. There are two types of amorous zones, specific and nonspecific. The specific zones are more obvious and include mucocutaneous skin that elicits a direct response, such as the lips, nipples and parts of you know, the Gen-italia!

Touching These Spots On Her Body Will Make Her Crazy Hot

Women’s nonspecific amorous zones may be of greater interest because they are located on normal parts of the skin that may be exposed to the subtle touch. The ability to touch or tickle these areas just right is what can drive women crazy or leave them thinking more about that specific man in his absence. Often times, it’s what’s left to the imagination that can make a woman’s mind run wild. Some of the nonspecific amorous zones on the female form are found around the neck, the inner arms, the inner thigh, the side of the chest, the lower back and the ears.

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Whispering softly or gently nibbling by her earlobe ear may be enough to send a shiver up her spine. Gently touching the small of her back might make her think about a man in a way she never has before. The sides and back of the neck, as well as the clavicle area, are often hyper-sensitive to caressing, nibbling, kissing or licking when appropriate. Stimulating these hypersensitive areas correctly can generate arousal, fanciful thought or may cause a woman to feel overwhelmed with passion.

The feet and toes are some of the other unexpected amorous zones that many women have. An amazing foot rub can help her relax and feel at ease in a man’s hands. A woman can stay hot from a man who knows how to tease her and consistently hit her favorite erroneous spots. Some of other unexpected areas known to piquer a woman’s interested are between the fingers and toes, the back of the knee, around the elbows, the inner hips and near the navel. Stimulating these areas correctly is more important than studying where women’s’ amorous zones are typically located.

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The fact remains, we are all different in our own way, so taking the time to discover what truly makes the woman tick and respond can payoff substantially. This includes paying attention and remembering how she reacts when certain areas of her body are touched or grazed. What many men lack is the appreciation for subtlety and attention to detail pertaining to the woman they desire. Understanding more about her amorous zones is how men can leave women thinking about them long after they’ve left the building.

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