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8 Signs He’s NOT Serious About Your Relationship

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8 Signs He's NOT Serious About Your Relationship

8 Signs He’s NOT Serious About Your Relationship

It is no secret that men and women have thick psychological differences. They process information differently, they have different chemical makeups, memories, and brain activity. Psychology Today notes that scientists have discovered about one hundred brain-centered important gender differences. While women overall tend to be more emotional, thoughtful, and verbose, men are able to compartmentalize their feelings, move on quickly, and state their feelings in a few short words. Understanding neurological gender differences lead to a greater appreciation of the difference between males and females. This is important in relationships. Here are eight subtle things a man usually does if he is not serious about a relationship.


Avoid Asking Details

Whether you had a doctor’s appointment or a job interview or even just an event you mentioned was coming up and he avoids following up and asking how it went, he is not serious about the relationship. Men avoid asking details about a woman’s life if he is not serious about the relationship. LoveIsRespect.org notes that if a man is serious about a relationship, he will offer encouragement to his partner. Healthy relationships require building each other up and always being there for support.

Ignores Missed Calls

If a man is having temporary fun in a relationship, he isn’t too concerned about explaining why he missed your call. If he fails to mention he is sorry he missed your call, he is probably willing to let go of the relationship.

Does Not Offer to Help

If you are doing something that could use assistance, such as moving, putting together furniture, or looking for a new car, this is a great time for a serious man to offer his help. Does he look away when he could be helping you in some way? Men who are not serious about a relationship do not go out of their way to help the other person out.

Makes Plans at the Last Minute

Men see relationships that are not serious as replaceable. If it is not important to him to guarantee to have your time in advance, the relationship may not be significant to him.

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He Keeps His Relationship Out of Balance

According to HealthyRelationships.org, the equal components of a relationship are trust, knowledge, reliance, touch, and commitment. All of these factors should be met in a serious and significant relationship. If a man only shows interest in one or two of these components, he is likely sending a signal that he is not serious about the relationship.

Does Not Care About Your Future

If a man is not serious about a relationship, he will have no interest in your career. He will not bother to care if other aspects of your long-term life are going well and making you happy! If a man plans to be in a relationship for the long term, he will put time into considering your future, and helping to advance it.

Avoids Talking About You to Friends

If he brings you around his friends or to a party, but leaves you to fend for yourself, he likely is not serious about the relationship. If he is serious, he will be proud to be next to you and will make an effort to introduce you to people and tell them about you.

Avoids Talking About Family

A man who sees no future with a woman will avoid talking about either his or her family. He does not care to know the details of your hometown or your mom’s favorite recipe, nor does he want to bring you into that aspect of his life. A man who is in a casual relationship will keep that relationship far away from those who are around to stay, such as his family.

If these signs are clear in a relationship and you are looking for something more serious, it is likely time to move on. Tell your partner your expectations for a relationship and if they do not line up with their expectations, it is better to find someone who is a better fit.

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