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Drink Additives: A Few Facts

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Drink Additives: A Few Facts

On the market we now have artificial flavorings to add to our water to pep it up and change the taste. For some people who are trying to cut down on sodas water enhancement products may seem like a true gift. The chemicals and additives can be dangerous if ingested in large amounts, and some of them in small amounts.


A short list of chemicals in one brand:
Citric Acid
Propylene Glycol – this is also found in shampoo and non-toxic antifreeze, can be toxic
Malic Acid – for sour flavor
Sucralose – artificial sweetener
Acesulfame K – artificial sweetener, has been shown to cause respiratory problems and tumors in studies
Potassium Citrate – pH balancer
Polysorbate 60
Red 40 and Blue 1 – food dyes
Potassium Sorbate – preservative

The other ingredient is water, which is the only natural ingredient found in this product. It does not have any sugar, if that is something you are looking for.


Studies have found links between food additives and hyperactivity in children, and parents are warned to read labels and not feed these items to their children, however, the products do remain on the shelves at this time.

In short there is absolutely no nutritional value to these products, and if they can be harmful, the risk is a choice you will have to make. Fresh fruit is fairly cheap as well, and makes a great addition to your water, with added health benefits.

Sources: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2007/sep/06/lifeandhealth.health

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