Weird Early Signs of a Migraine Attack

People who already suffer from migraines know that the pain of a headache can be presaged by some truly weird phenomena. It is a good idea for people who’ve never experienced a migraine or people who have a loved one who has to recognize at least six of the weirder signs of a  migraine attack.

Weird Early Signs of a Migraine Attack

1. Aura

This is the classic sign that a migraine is coming, and the person should get to a quiet, dark room if they possibly can. Many auras are visual. The person sees flashes, zig-zags, spots or lines of light. Other people see double, become dizzy or go temporarily blind. The aura can last a few minutes to about an hour, but it goes away when the pain starts. Some people have auras but do not have headache pain.

Other people may hallucinate music or other sounds during the aura.

2. Yawning

Continuous yawning when the person isn’t particularly tired can be a sign that a migraine is developing.

3. Craving Food

The person may begin to have cravings for foods like chocolate. The irony is that once a headache begins they might be overcome with nausea and vomiting.

4. Frequent Urination

This is also a sign of an aborting migraine headache. This frequent urination can happen as little as an hour before or as long as two days before the headache attacks.

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5. Mood Swings