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Eating Changes She Made to Cure Endometriosis

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Eating Changes She Made to Cure Endometriosis

Endometriosis is the growth of the uterine wall outside the uterine cavity. This can be extremely painful for women and adolescent girls and can cause high levels of infertility. Many women suffering from endometriosis find that the condition can be controlled or even stopped with special eating changes.

This was the case with Angela Kawakami. From a young age, Angela admits she did not have a great diet. However, she has managed her endometriosis as well as her overall health for many years by eating more whole foods. She started by giving up Gluten and progressed to a mostly whole food diet. Angela’s Story has become an inspiration for many women with the condition. There are a variety of dietary measures that may help with endometriosis.

Eat More Salad

Salads have a lot of good things in them. Salads with dark green lettuce like spinach, kale, or green leaf lettuce are the best. Lettuce is a recommended food for endometriosis. These have a lot more vitamin that can help prevent and reduce inflammation. Inflammation and swelling make the condition worse. Healthy salads are also a great way to lose weight. Obesity also contributes to endometriosis. Salads are a great way to control weight while giving the body more vitamins. And it’s definitely one of the main eating changes women should consider in managing endometriosis.

Cut Out Gluten

Cutting out gluten may help reduce inflammation. This helps with the pain that happens during periods. This will probably not cure the condition, but it may help manage pain without medication. Replace gluten with healthy carbohydrates and starches like sweet potatoes and brown rice. Cutting out overprocessed forms of gluten may also help to lose weight.

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Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar is another huge inflammatory substance. Not only can sugar irritate endometriosis, but it contributes to poor overall health. Drinking or eating a lot of sugar can also cause intestinal problems, immune problems, and obesity. Cut out soda and processed sugar items. Try to eat only sugar from natural sources like fruit.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is the easiest thing that can be done for better health. Drinking water helps the body make cells faster and better. This helps replace damaged cells. In other words, hydration helps to heal. This is important because the abnormal growth of tissue in the uterus can cause scarring. The faster the body can heal, the lower the chance of infertility.

Studies show that humans should drink half of their body weight in ounces every day to stay healthy. A 200-pound person should then drink 100 ounces of water per day. Only water truly helps hydrate. Drink water and not coffee or tea.

Ditch Dairy

Studies have shown that hormones play a huge factor in endometriosis. Cutting out sources of artificial hormones such as dairy helps. In fact, some articles claim that cutting out animal products may help clear up the condition. This means no milk, cheese, or eggs. It can also mean no meat depending on the situation.

Not all dairy products are the same. If dairy is necessary, eat products with no artificial hormones. Substitute cow products for soy or nut-based products when necessary.

No Processed Foods

This is important. Processed foods have a lot of artificial chemicals. Instead of eating something frozen or from a can, eat fresh food. Try new recipes with fresh produce. Processed food also has a lot of saturated fat. This contributes to endometrial cysts. Shopping in stores that offer more healthy food can help eliminate the temptation of processed foods. Try a local market for more local options as well.

Vitamins D and C

Studies have shown a connection between these vitamins and the cysts that come with endometriosis. Rats who had more vitamins had less inflammation as well. It is easy to get these vitamins. Bell peppers are high in vitamin C. Wild salmon is high in vitamin D. Fresh fruits and vegetables are going to be the best for this. It is also important to buy organic foods. Pesticides are just as harmful as hormones.

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There is no cure for endometriosis. Many women have learned to manage the condition with diet. Cutting out gluten and artificial growth hormones can help some. Adding in more vitamin c and vitamin D also helps. These main eating changes can help to manage endometriosis.

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