How to Detox Without Cleansing, Juicing, or Fasting

How to Detox Without Cleansing, Juicing, or Fasting

3. Get more proteins

Animal-based or plant-based meal replacement powders, particularly the non-soy and nondairy types, provide excellent sources of protein. Combine the meal replacement powder with fresh fruits and vegetables to provide your body with the raw materials necessary to jump-start detoxification. The best blends result from using almond milk, unsweetened coconut, organic avocados, berries, and greens rich in antioxidants.

4. Try high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or burst training
Intense workouts stimulate both the digestive and lymphatic systems, which helps in the further release of toxins. When it comes to breaking a sweat within minutes, burst training or HIIT workouts are the best options available. For instance, combining burst training with weight resistance exercises allows you to break a sweat in as little as eight minutes.

5. Brush
In addition to removing dead skin cells, using a natural-bristle brush to brush dry skin, stimulates a better circulation of your lymphatic system. Better flow of the lymphatic system helps in the elimination of toxins. Start by brushing the skin of your feet, working up towards your heart. As such, in addition to invigorating you, brushing is an excellent way of helping your body to detoxify.

6. Enjoy the heat
As much as conventional saunas emit direct heat, far-infrared saunas use light to create heat. As such, the percentage of heat penetrating deep into your skin is greater, which effectively releases toxins from fat cells. The toxins released from the fat cell can then be excreted through urine, feces, or sweat. Far-infrared saunas offer the perfect solution for those of you unable to tolerate the heat at traditional saunas or gym. This particular type of sauna is available in most Korean spas.

7. Go deep
On top of offering support, providing the right nutrients and foods to ensure effectiveness is necessary, particularly since body cells detoxify constantly. Deep clean using a professionally endorsed detoxification plan or an integrative practitioner at least once a year. Deep cleaning provides your liver with extra support and also eliminates accumulated toxins.

You should include a regular detoxification plan in your life, especially since apart from being easy, it offers significant health benefits. However, some detoxification plans such as cleansing, juicing, and fasting might bear adverse effects. As such, using natural ways to detoxify offers the ultimate solution, particularly since such plans provide equal if not better results.

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How to Detox Without Cleansing, Juicing, or Fasting