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Watch How She Unlocks a Car Door With a Tennis Ball

Watch How She Unlocks a Car Door With a Tennis Ball

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If you’ve ever locked your keys in a car, then you have probably wanted to tear your hair out. That incident not only wastes time, but it sometimes makes your family members, boss or delivery recipients very unhappy. The woman in this video developed an amazing plan that worked to get her into her car after she locked her keys in it. Her plan including using a tennis ball in a way that most people would not even imagine. When most people grab their credit cards and keys to get into their locked cars, this young lady grabs her tennis ball.

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The trick involves inserting a small hole into the tennis ball. The person can get creative and use a lighter and a pen or key to creating the hole. Once the hole is in the tennis ball, the person has to put the ball over the lock on the car door and then press on it with all possible might.

What it does is it releases the pressure into the keyhole and causes the locking system to unlock. Of course, a certain level of finesse is necessary to pull this off. You’ll need to watch the video to see how to properly perform this amazing trick. After you see it, you’ll be able to get yourself out of the embarrassing jam of locking your keys in the car.

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