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Optimal Testosterone Levels Are Essential For These 8 Reasons

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Optimal Testosterone Levels Are Essential For These 8 Reasons

Testosterone, also known as “T”, is a hormone produced in the body that stimulates strength, size and masculinity. The hormone, found mainly in the testes for men and the ovaries for women, typically decreases by one percent or more a year after the age of 30.

Testosterone is infamous because of the many physical and physiological benefits associated with it.  The hormones availability is a significant influence in the improvement of male growth characteristics. It is also critical in the maturity of muscle mass and bone strength in both men and women. Below are eight essential reasons for optimal testosterone levels.

• Fights Depression

In today’s massive social interchange – depression is one of the most common mental diseases plaguing individuals everywhere. Roughly, 7% of Americans are diagnosed with depression. Researchers at Harvard University found that patients who did not positively respond to medication typically had lower levels of testosterone in their body. When given testosterone in conjunction with medication, the study showed a positive correlation.

• Lower Body Fat

It is well documented that higher testosterone levels lead to amplified muscle mass. Testosterone helps the body control insulin, glucose and the metabolism of fat. If the body’s level of testosterone decreases, its ability to control these functions decreases. Thus, the amassing of adipose tissue is imminent. Studies show that men treated for low testosterone typically improve their overall body composition by ridding of fat tissue and improving muscle strength and size.

• Stronger Body, Stronger Bones

Both men and women can suffer from a deteriorating bone disease known as osteoporosis. Testosterone is a key element in bone mineral density—which generally decreases as age increases and testosterone levels begin depleting.  

Research shows that bone mineral density is likely to increase with the aid of testosterone treatments. Aging men with deteriorating testosterone levels are encouraged to seek treatment to begin the testosterone recovery process.

• Sex, Sex, Sex

That’s Right! Testosterone is not just for show muscles. Testosterone is a sex hormone, thus sexual arousal naturally increases your testosterone levels. Men that see a decrease in their sexual appetite or symptoms of erectile dysfunction—may have low testosterone levels.  Treatment is likely to promote a healthy sexual appetite and sexual performance in the bedroom.

• Increase Cognitive Comprehension

Research has shown that testosterone is linked with the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease. Men with optimal levels of testosterone are less likely to suffer disease’s incapacitating effects.  Studies also show a connection between testosterone and concentration, memory, and general cognitive ability.

• Happiness

Being happy is one of life’s greatest achievements. Waking up every day with a yearning of achievement, a passion for the day ahead and a sense of pride are all things that optimal testosterone levels can help you achieve. Testosterone is a sex hormone; however, it is also a mood-boosting hormone.  

For those with hypogonadism, fatigue and irritability are common symptoms of low testosterone.  However, research shows that testosterone therapy can improve mood and overall quality of life – while decreasing fatigue and irritability.

• Vigorous Heart

The heart is the essence of the human body. It provides muscles and organs with the oxygen necessary to function properly. The heart must be the most reliable muscle in the body.  A number of heart threats are associated with low testosterone levels.

Research results have produced mixed reviews. Early studies were conducted with minimal participants and showed only small correlations between heart health and testosterone treatment. A modern study conducted on over 80,000 men showed that testosterone treatment in men, whose testosterone levels returned normal, were 24 percent less likely to have a heart attack and 36 percent less likely to endure a stroke.  

• Dare Devil

Testosterone is shown to have a strong connection to an individual’s eagerness to take risks. Developing a strong personal connection between where one’s status in life is and where one wants to go may be associated with testosterone.  Men with high levels of testosterone, but who are missing power and status in life, are opt to take more risks in an attempt to acclaim that beloved pedestal.

Optimal testosterone levels are a man’s best friend. A positive life full of happiness is more likely to evolve with higher testosterone levels. A strong mind, body and heart are all positive attributes of optimum testosterone levels.  

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