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6 Steamy Whispers We Crave to Hear After Vava-voom

6 Steamy Whispers We Crave to Hear After Vava-voomm

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There is truly nothing more exhilarating than a fantastic bedroom experience. Love chemistry is a hugely important component of a healthy relationship, and few things are better than a passionate, electric partner. But great $ex doesn’t end after the last @rgasmic sigh, it carries on with sensitive, sensual steamy whispers that draw the pleasure out to a delicious conclusion.

Many may not realize that language carries a power of its own where intimacy is concerned and can make-or break-a bedroom experience. Both men and women love to hear the right words after lovemaking, and here are some steamy whispers that are sure to keep the sparks flying.

What Women Love To Hear:

“The biggest mistake that men make during lovemaking is that they make it about the act of love rather than about her,” a female commentator notes in a Men’s Fitness article. “A woman doesn’t want to hear about what a good lover you are. She wants to feel like you adore each and every part of her and that you want to show her that adoration.

1. “Don’t move…”
No other phrase has the power to make it literally impossible for a woman to move even if she wanted to. Not wanting her to break away, to keep her body as close to yours as possible, communicates just how much you need and want her.

2. “You’re incredible.”
This doesn’t just have to mean the love act itself, but everything about her: her body, the way she moves, her personality, the entire experience. Hearing this isn’t just reassurance about her performance, but that she’ll keep you coming back for more by being the whole package.

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3. “I love you…”
Anupama Bijur writes for Femina, “Don’t we love it when our man has noticed that tiny detail about us that may have escaped our loving appraisal of ourselves and compliments us? Nothing a specific quality about a woman right after lovemaking lets her know that you’re paying attention, and she’ll be on your mind long after you part ways.

What Men Love To Hear:

Men may be more visually driven than women, but they are equally as enamored with the right steamy whispers following lovemaking. A few sweetly uttered compliments and affirmations of just how amazing he is will go a long way towards ensuring that he never stops striving to earn more.

1.” That was amazing.”
Men love to hear that they treated you to an out-of-this-world experience (even if all evidence should make that obvious!)

2.”I’ve never been with a guy like you.”
It’s important for men to feel unique like they’re giving you sensations no other man before them has. Whispering in their ear just how special they are lets them know you rank them far above the rest.

3.”Is there anything else I can do for you?”
This phrase alone is enough to send most men to cloud nine. It’s playful, it’s attentive, and it shows that the pleasure doesn’t have to stop after lovemaking.

So many factors play a key part in sustaining a lasting, loving relationship. Physical and mental attraction is only part of it; it’s important to understand the power of words to quicken the heartbeat. Have fun finding special phrases of your own to whisper into your lover’s ear, and see how much closer you grow.

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