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Bad Habits That Actually Indicators of High Intelligence

Bad Habits That Actually Indicators of High Intelligence

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People are taught from childhood to not pick up bad habits. The importance of cleanliness and speaking properly is highlighted when teaching people about social norms. However, people slip on these habits and sometimes develop habits that are noted as being “bad.” The good thing is that sometimes bad habits are actually indicators of high intelligence.

For example, studies have recently shown that people who stay up late, leave their rooms messy, and curse exhibit higher levels of intelligence than those who do not. Science Alert reports that people who use curse words are more likely to have a larger vocabulary than people who don’t.

This challenges the stereotype that unintelligent people swear because they do not know of any better words to use to express themselves. In an experiment, 43 participants aged 18 to 22 were asked to say as many swear words as they could in one minute. Afterward, they had to name as many animals as they could in one minute. In this study, researchers used animal names as an indicator of a subject’s overall vocabulary.

Participants in the study came up with a total of 533 taboo words. They also submitted standardized verbal fluency tests. Findings indicated that the ability to generate swear words is positively correlated with overall verbal fluency. Not only could subjects quickly think of offensive language, but they could also switch that over to thinking of a wide range of animals very quickly.

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Science Direct notes that people who use curse words are able to better understand their expressive content as well as very small distinctions that are drawn in order to appropriately use slurs. The ability to make these distinctions indicates a high presence of linguistic knowledge. It also shows that these people are able to differentiate between the slight differences in their feelings.

Leaving a messy room may also be a sign of intelligence. Studies have shown that those who prefer their spaces to be messy have more creativity and imagination than people who keep things in order. Disorderly rooms are able to free people from tradition, which can make them more creative.

Elite Daily notes that when someone leaves a mess, it is their mess so they are still in control. When you never put things in their place, you’re more likely to get creative working through a chaotic space. Often, people’s messes are methodical, while to other people they may look random.

When it comes to bedtimes, people are able to override their internal clock and choose when they want to sleep and stay awake. Studies show that more intelligent people stay up later on weeknights when they need to set their alarm for the following day. They also stay up later on weekends when they do not need to set an alarm.

Average brains were conditioned to follow a certain sleep pattern of being awake with the sun and sleep with the moon, however, the more inquisitive and intellectual people are able to defy this and create their own pattern.

While these habits may seem unconventional and therefore “bad,” they are actually shared among highly respected people who hold successful careers due to their high intelligence. Don’t stop to judge anyone with these characteristics, because you may learn to find out that they are actually a genius.

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