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22 Beautiful Stairs That Will Make You Speechless

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22 Beautiful Stairs That Will Make You Speechless

22 Beautiful Stairs That Will Make You Speechless

It’s so amazing that even something as dull as stairs can be absolutely fascinating. Here we present you the 22 most beautiful examples of staircases and step designs that we found in the web.

We all agree that one of the most important design elements of a staircase is space. If the designer of staircase can’t find a good way to use the unused space under the stairs, the staircase will take up a lot of space for no good reason at all.

If you’ve seen other amazing staircase designs that’s worth sharing with here, you can share them with us here!

Understairs Space:
Understairs Space__1413909770_173.199.221.125
Designed by: Deriba Furniture


Workplace Stair Unit:

Workplace Stair Unit __1413909809_173.199.221.125

Designed by: Studio Mieke Meijer


Vivid Staircase:

Vivid Staircase __1413909791_173.199.221.125

Designed by: Hanne Fuglbjerg


Tree Stairs:

Tree Stairs __1413909748_173.199.221.125

Designed by: unknown

Tree Banister:

Tree Banister__1413909727_173.199.221.125

Designed by: Architetture del Ferro

Timber Stripe Staircase:

Timber Stripe Staircase__1413909705_173.199.221.125

Designed by: Tetrarc

Steep Stairs:

Steep Stairs __1413909685_173.199.221.125

Designed by: unknown

Staircase Slide Combo:

Staircase Slide Combo __1413909665_173.199.221.125

Designed by: Alex Michaelis

Staircase In Northampton:

Staircase In Northampton__1413909647_173.199.221.125

Designed by: Philip Watts

Spiral Slide Staircase:

Spiral Slide Staircase __1413909630_173.199.221.125

Designed by: unknown

Space-Saving Stairs:

Space-Saving Stairs __1413909608_173.199.221.125

Designed by: unknown

Sloping Stairs:

Sloping Stairs 2__1413909583_173.199.221.125

Sloping Stairs __1413909555_173.199.221.125

Designed by: TAF arkitektkontor

Sensualscaping Stairs:

Sensualscaping Stairs 2__1413909528_173.199.221.125

Sensualscaping Stairs __1413909189_173.199.221.125

Designed by: Atmos Studio

Otherworldly Stairs:

Otherworldly Stairs__1413909144_173.199.221.125

Designed by: Vincent Dubourg

Metal Staircase:

Metal Staircase __1413909121_173.199.221.125

Designed by: Francesco Librizzi

Bookcase Staircase:

Library Slider Stairs 2__1413909084_173.199.221.125


Library Slider Stairs __1413909052_173.199.221.125

Designed by: Levitate Architects

Lace Staircase:

Lace Staircase__1413909014_173.199.221.125

Designed by: Dust

La Maison Unique Stairs:

La Maison Unique Stairs 2__1413908991_173.199.221.125

La Maison Unique Stairs __1413908966_173.199.221.125

Designed by: Heatherwick studio

Flower Petal Staircase:

Flower Petal Staircase __1413908942_173.199.221.125

Designed by: Patrick Jouin

Flat F.M. Stairs:

Flat F.M. Stairs __1413908918_173.199.221.125

Designed by: ecole

Hanging Stairs:


Designed by: Arquitectura en Movimiento

Bookcase Staircase __1413908837_173.199.221.125

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