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Effective Techniques for Making Love Partners Last Longer

Effective Techniques for Making Love Partners Last Longer

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Recent research conducted by Dr. Brendan Zietsch shows five minutes as the average time getting down takes for most couples. However, the duration considered long enough to provide sufficient satisfaction has proven impossible to ascertain. Although some couples love it quick, and others prefer last longer, men accomplish the former quite easily while the latter remains a challenge. Doing it slowly is often better for women since both arousal and climaxing come faster for a higher percentage of men compared to women. Below are guidelines on how you can stretch your next session to effectively even the @rgasmic scales.


Talk a lot: Develop a habit of informing each other your exact state when it comes to arousal. Tell your partner when it feels fantastic and when it does not. Using the number system to rate what you feel might be ideal, especially if you are sure it will not interfere with the mood.

Allow your levels of arousal to dictate your next move: Stop your partner’s stimulation if he is nearly done yet you have not even begun. Get him to focus more on you.

Switch stimulation: As opposed to a steady climb toward climaxing, regular switches ensure you both hover. Your sessions will consequently last longer because you focus less on @rgasm.

Change everything including positions: Do anything possible to change the mood while maintaining the appeal and some measure of control.


Take charge: Keep a close eye on your partner’s level of arousal and slow or speed things accordingly.

Keep going: The more often your partner climaxes, the longer he is bound to last the next time.

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Develop strong @rgasm triggers: To climax, most women need concentration. As such, less focus on your pleasure due to more attention to slowing him works against you. While trying to help him keep a lid on his excitement levels, yours drops. Fortunately, you can easily restart it by focusing on and exaggerating whatever you naturally do when approaching @rgasm.

Maybe you breathe heavier and faster or throw your head back and tense your toes. Regardless of what it is you usually do, emulate your natural @rgasmic responses the next time you are about to climax. You can make @rgasm effortless and spontaneous by getting your brain to think you are about to climax. Gently pull down on his testicles to reduce his chances of climaxing if he is about to and you are not yet ready.

Squeeze: Firmly squeeze the head of your partner’s apparatus for approximately 20 seconds whenever he is highly aroused. Put your thumb on the frenulum and first and second fingers atop the organ’s head to prevent him from climaxing faster than you would like.


Know the facts and relax: Premature ejaculation is when a man climaxes too quickly, approximately 30% of men experience it at some point. Anxiety and trying to prove yourself only add to underperformance since you have less control. Desist from trying to live up to whatever you see in adult-rated materials, typical sessions last for minutes and not hours.

Avoid favorite positions: Certain positions turn us on or stimulate us more. Choosing something less er@tic or less simulating might help to elongate your int!mate sessions.

Slow down: When it comes to @rgasmic intensity, longer action means stronger reaction. The length of the erotic stimulation involved such as foreplay usually determines the @rgasmic strength. You can get more satisfaction by hovering for longer at the stage right after arousal but before @rgasm. Slowing down is beneficial to both parties and worth the effort.

Start with a solo @rgasm: Make the @rgasm you have with your partner the second one since most men have much better control the second time around.

Try the stop-start technique: Bring yourself to the brink and stop four times before allowing yourself to @rgasm during a solo session. Practice this routine until you know where you can get to without letting go. Let your partner join in and then tell her when to start and stop while she uses her hands. Repeat the initial exercise while inside your spouse. Getting the ‘stop-start’ right depends on your focus on pleasure and sensation as opposed to trying to distract yourself.

Although some of the ideas on how to last longer mentioned above might prove quite challenging and frustrating, they are all worth your while. They also provide a positive manner with which you can provide enhanced satisfaction to both yourself and your partner.

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