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What Causes Pain Behind the Eyes and How to Treat It Naturally

What Causes Pain Behind the Eyes and How to Treat It Naturally

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A headache is never pleasant, and it can be even worse when you have recurring headaches. Many people regularly have an issue with a dull pain behind the eyes. This type of headache can be caused by a variety of problems. Once you know the underlying health issue that is causing the pain behind your eyes, it is easier to treat it. These 13 health problems are the most common reasons that you might be feeling that pain behind the eyes.

This infection of the sinuses can put pressure on the nerves around the eyes, causing pain. It is normally caused by the common cold or other respiratory infections. This pain can often be relieved by inhaling steam or using a warm compress over the sinuses.

Dry Eye Syndrome
When the eyes do not naturally produce enough moisture, they get dry and sore. This can cause feelings of burning and pain behind the eyes. Dry eye syndrome is often triggered by allergies. Therefore, you should avoid things you are allergic to if you suffer from this condition.

Vision Issues
Too much strain on the eyes can often result in eye pain. You may be able to fix this by getting a prescription for eyeglasses. You should also try to give your eyes a break while reading, watching television, or using the computer.

Migraines do not just happen across the forehead. The painful throbbing caused by migraines can even make your eyesight look blurry or abnormal. Cutting back on caffeine, taking vitamin B supplements, and getting enough sleep can help to prevent migraines from happening.

Hormone Fluctuation
When hormone levels alter suddenly, blood flow to the brain is interrupted. This can lead to migraines and other types of headaches.

This condition often accompanies arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. It causes the sclera of the eyes to become reddened and inflamed. You may be able to reduce some inflammation by eating antioxidant-rich foods.


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An aneurysm happens when a blood vessel in the brain suddenly breaks. This type of brain bleed is very serious and potentially life-threatening. One of the early signs of an aneurysm is often a sudden headache in a single specific location. Maintaining a healthy weight and reducing salt or alcohol in the diet can lower aneurysm risks.

Cranial Nerve Palsies
If blood flow to the optic nerve is shut off briefly, it can cause issues. This leads to pain behind the eye. You may also notice that your vision is suddenly blurred or otherwise abnormal if this happens.

Optic Neuritis
Optic neuritis happens when the optic nerve is inflamed by cellular damage. It can be an early warning sign of multiple sclerosis, so you should get this checked out by a doctor.

This eye condition is common among older people. It happens when pressure builds up behind the eye and starts to damage the eye.

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Cluster Headaches
A cluster headache is a particular type of headache that causes sharp pain in a single specific area. Cluster headaches may cause pain in either one eye or both eyes. This pain can be accompanied by reddened, swollen, or drooping eyelids.

Head Trauma
A sharp bump on the head can jar the brain, causing a concussion or hemorrhage. It is common to feel some eye pain after a head injury. If this pain persists or worsens, you may need to go to the emergency room.

This uncommon medical condition causes fluid to build up behind the eye in the optic nerve. You may have papilloedema if the eye pain gets worse whenever you sneeze. You can reduce the pain and severity of papilloedema by lying down on your back.

Many of these problems are just minor health issues that can be treated with natural remedies. However, if the pain behind the eyes persists, it may be a sign that something more severe is wrong. You should, therefore, go to the doctor if these recurring headaches will not stop. It is important to get them checked out, so they can be treated properly.

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