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7 Things Your Woman Wants You to Know

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7 Things Your Woman Wants You to Know

7 Things Your Woman Wants You to Know

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Many couples suffer from a lack of communication. This can be very difficult, especially for men, because a partner may not make their desires obvious. Women often want their partner to know certain things without having to be asked, which can make a relationship confusing. Here are seven things your woman wants you to know, even if she does not clearly state it.


She Thinks Alone Time Is Important
Many women are afraid of looking uncaring or unloving if they ask for some alone time. However, most women agree that it is important for people in a relationship to still socialize by themselves sometimes. Your wife or girlfriend actually enjoys the chance to have a girl’s night out while you hang out with your buddies. Even if she says she misses you, she often appreciates a bit of time to herself.

She Loves Stability More Than Bad Boys
A lot of men make the mistake of thinking they have to act tough, impulsive, and wild. Though women might love the challenge of taming a bad boy, this is ultimately exhausting. In the long run, we prefer a guy who can be sweet and caring in addition to being strong. Don’t be afraid to show your sensitive side in a relationship. Being a stable, caring protector can be even more appealing than a man who is rebellious.

She Wants a Man With Opinions
No woman wants a man who just says, “yes dear,” to everything. It might seem easier to always agree with your partner, but this can actually cause more trouble eventually. A man who has convictions and is willing to stand up for them is far more valuable. Your partner will not appreciate a man who never expresses his own opinions.

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She Wants You to Notice Her Feelings
Many women end up hiding their feelings to please their partner. This often takes the form of her telling you everything is fine when she’s had a bad day. Many women want a partner who intuitively knows their real feelings instead of being fooled. It is impossible to read minds, but you should try telling her you want to know what she’s really thinking. This can open up the door for true, !ntimate conversation.

Her Self-Esteem Does Not Revolve Around You
Many men make the mistake of trying to reassure a concerned partner by telling her that she is beautiful. However, most insecure women do not just want to know their partner is attracted to them. Try supporting her when she wants to start using makeup or exercising. This works better than just saying that you will always be attracted to her.

She Wants You to Really Listen
One of the biggest sources of conflict in relationships happens when a woman wants to be listened instead of advised. When we’re complaining to our men about a problem, we normally already know how to fix it. Instead of offering advice, try just listening and letting your woman know that you empathize with her situation. She will appreciate feeling like she is really being heard.

She Needs You to Show Love
Just being told “I love you” is not enough for most women. We all desire for our special someone to demonstrate just how much we our loved. However, no woman wants to have to tell her man to bring her flowers or take her on a date. Most women prefer a spontaneous and unasked for demonstration of love. It does not have to be anything elaborate, women just want to know that they are valued and adored.

It is understandable that some men may be concerned by this list because it seems so overwhelming. However, it does not have to be intimidating. You do not have to learn to read minds and intuitively know all of your partner’s desires. However, it can be very helpful to stop and think about what the lady in your life might really want. She may be scared to let you know, but she will appreciate you taking the time to be a good partner.

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