15 Ways to Seduce Without Saying a Word

15 Ways to Seduce Without Saying a Word

15 Ways to Seduce Without Saying a Word

The art of seduction is a subtle dance between hunter and prey. Move too fast or too obviously, and your victim will scamper like a startled deer, or maybe walk away feeling confused. Move too slow or too carefully and they may never notice your efforts. When looking to seduce, less is certainly more and there are ways to lure without trying too hard. A picture is worth a thousand words, so when you want to send hints try painting the image of what you want in their mind without uttering a single thing. Here are 15 ways to seduce without saying a word.

1. Choose the right partner to seduce.

There are no actions that are 100% fail proof and even the best deliveries will go unnoticed when offered to the wrong person. Women, men are not simply cut and dry as they are made out to be and a few factors go into what makes women attractive to specific men. In order to get someone in bed, you must first encompass a few of the major characteristics that he or she is looking for.

2. Make and hold eye contact.

Eye contact works for a couple of reasons. First, it shows confidence, which is attractive. Second, it makes people feel slightly uncomfortable. According to Robert Green, author of The Art Of Seduction, it’s impossible to succeed with any ways to seduce with someone who is 100% satisfied.

3. Entice them in other ways, strategically.

A few well-placed kisses can go a long way. Linger over their ear and then move your attentions to their neck. Stroke a finger along their arm or leg. Keep your movements slow but fluid so the desire will build.

4. Offer a massage.

Not only will you help them to relax after a long day, but the physical contact will get their minds thinking about other things.

5. Pay attention to their sensitive zones.

Everyone has sensitive zones that make the rest of their body tingle. Find your partner’s and you will push their “go” button.

6. Let your cooking do the talking for you.

The old adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” has a ring of truth to it. Food is comforting and disarming. Try libido-enhancing delectables like chocolate or shellfish, and don’t forget a glass of the bubbly.

7. Add a little romantic allure to your home.

Place roses on the table. Leave a trail of petals in the directions of the bathtub and bedroom. A soft glow from candles and tealights will round out the effect nicely.

8. Bite your lip.

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