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How to Use Honey as Medicine

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How to Use Honey as Medicine

How to Use Honey as Medicine

If your only experience with honey has been with the bargain grocery store variety, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. The simple fact is that even Dr. OZ believes in the amazing healing powers of honey. However, he is not referring to the processed versions. Those who are using honey as medicine prefer the raw, organic products.

How to Use Honey as Medicine

Honey is no longer simply used in coffee or tea as a sweetener. People eat the honey and often apply it externally. They strongly believe in the health benefits of honey. This is true because honey provides a moist healing environment, yet it prevents bacterial growth.

A honey facial can help your fine lines and wrinkles because it is very hydrating and nourishing. Apply it, let it soak in for 10-20 minutes, and then wash it off.

Honey has always shown promising evidence as a cough suppressant. Taking 2 tsp just before bed can help you sleep. You may find it equally as good as cough syrup. When taken for colds, it soothed sore throats.

Raw honey has microbial and anti-inflammatory agents. Try some on a skinned knee that won’t heal.

In some countries, the hospitals use honey to help treat wounds that have trouble healing. In Australia, for example, they prefer a honey with a thicker texture than others, called Manuka honey. Those who have tried eating it say it goes down smooth, almost creamy.

They have used this Manuka Honey for various types of degree burns. This honey helps wounds heal without infections.

Ulcers and gingivitis can improve using a teaspoon a day of honey.

People have used this honey for nasal staph infections that wouldn’t go away with oral antibiotics.

Some modern creams and antibiotics may help heal. Unfortunately, they can also kill the tissue leaving scabs and scars behind.

The Manuka honey has become one of the new favorite things for fighting infection and healing of wounds. You can eat Manuka honey and you can also apply it to the skin. Most people do both.

It is being used for bee stings and other cuts, too. The honey is found to be a valuable food. It also protects from infection and is used to treat many conditions and diseases.

It improves periodontal disease, eczema, psoriasis, ring worm and athlete’s foot.

The Manuka honey is rated by the Australian government according to medicinal point value. When you purchase, look for a minimum value of fifteen.

Honey helps improve acne problems. Cancer patients appreciate improvement in their chemotherapy sores and it is also good for arthritis.

Your family will appreciate a tasty honey butter or honey and barbecue sauce. Most important, remember to store your honey at room temperature and never boil it.

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