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6 Extremely Sensitive Zones You’ve Been Neglecting For Way Too Long

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6 Extremely Sensitive Zones You've Been Neglecting For Way Too Long

6 Extremely Sensitive Zones You’ve Been Neglecting For Way Too Long

If you’re looking for a mind-blowing experience in bed, it’s important to pay attention to your body, and to your partner’s. Rather than just jumping straight into the act, take some time to get familiar with those distant parts of your bodies that turn you on. You might be surprised how great the results can be. However, if you’re considering your feet, don’t waste your time. Recent research shows that, despite the popular myth, the feet are neither particularly HOT nor all that sensual. Instead, focus on these six specially hot zones that you’ve been neglecting for way too long.

6 Extremely Sensitive Zones You've Been Neglecting For Way Too Long

1. Fingertips

After your tongue, the tips of your fingertips are the second most sensitive parts of you body. Try having your lover massage them, lick them or run his teeth along them. It sends love signals directly to your brain that can have you going wild within minutes.

2. Under Your Knees

Most people are completely unaware that the delicate area behind their knees can be used to turn them on. Beneath the thin skin, there are an abundance of highly sensitive nerve endings. It may tickle at first, which can be arousing in and of itself. However, with slightly more pressure, you may find yourself responding in some surprising ways.

3. Stomach

If you feel self-conscious about your stomach, now is the time to ignore it. Stroking the abdomen can be a real turn-on for women. This is because the muscles there, and many of the nerves, are connected to the honey pot area. Gentle touches here can send tingles down more than just your spine.

4. Your Mouth

There’s a good reason why kissing is one of the first things you do when you’re about to make love. Your mouth is highly sensitive, and saliva is chock full of LOVE hormones that help heighten the experience. Unfortunately, many people tend to neglect kissing when they’ve been in a long-term relationship for a while.

5. The Side of Your Neck

The neck features numerous nerve endings that make it very sensitive to even the lightest touch. However, when it comes to arousal, the side is where it’s at. Your sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM) is located here, and it’s the most sensitive area on your neck. Licking, soft biting and gentle caressing tantalize the senses and get you in the mood.

6. Wrists

Wrists may not seem all that HOT at first, but just have your partner nibble on them and you’ll change your mind in a hurry. The next time you’re looking for some new and exciting foreplay, make sure you put your inner wrists on the menu.

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