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5 Reasons Why Your Woman Doesn’t Argue With You

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5 Reasons Why Your Woman Doesn't Argue With You

5 Reasons Why Your Woman Doesn’t Argue With You

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Women can rarely digest everything thrown their way, which often makes them quite short tempered. Sometimes women are so concerned about something they end up overreacting. A woman can be reduced to tears simply because she has been unsuccessfully trying to reach her partner on the phone for several hours. Unfortunately, if she does not argue with you anymore, she could have jumped to conclusions about you using unsubstantiated information.


For women, arguing is a natural coping mechanism, especially when they get angry, face dilemmas, or are struggling with something. With all the monthly hormonal changes they go through, it is easy for women to feel insecure about something. Women usually stop beating their heads around the things they do no longer care about. If a woman does not argue with you when you offend her, you may have to put more effort into your relationship.

1. Your woman does not panic whenever you do not contact her
Your woman might be equally unresponsive whenever you do not try to reach her. She does not care whether or not you call her and carries on like nothing happened when you do get back to her. The fact that she does argue with you means that she is starting to get over you. Your woman might also maintain an eerie calmness when you were expecting a blowout.

2. She does not care at all when you miss the important occasions
Your woman might have been the kind of person who cared about special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. Something is definitely off about her if you forgot such an occasion and she didn’t even bother to ask why. Forget the fact that you messed up, sit her down instead and find out why she does not argue with you. Missing an important occasion is something every woman would argue about.

3. Other women do not concern her

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If you constantly hang out with other women, and she has nothing to say about it, she is most likely growing distant. It might be to a point where she has nothing left to say to you. She might feel quite humiliated and disconnected. These feelings might be so deep such that she does not want to waste her breath on you anymore. All her previous argumentative energies consequently go out the window.

4. She is not bothered by your activities on social media
Your woman might not be disturbed by the fact that you recently changed your Facebook status from married to single. Additionally, she might not care if you are not friends on Facebook any longer. You might be aware that she knows you flirt with other women, yet she simply stays quiet about the whole affair. Any reasonable woman would lose it under the same circumstances. Your woman might be so fed up she becomes dormant and allows you to get away with anything.

5. She stops being responsive to your arguments
Women generally love it when their men argue. On the other hand, men usually have very little to say when it comes to dealing with problems. Any woman would be more than happy to sort out things ideally during the moments of closure. And this is usually because men rarely open up about their feelings. A woman can stay awake with her partner until the break of dawn if he is in the mood for an in-depth and constructive conversation. You need to find out why your woman does not argue with you since typically, a woman can stay up until her partner is done talking regardless of whether or not she is the early-to-bed type.

Women generally love talking things out with their partners. A man might be pointing out the problems he has with his woman while she is enjoying the fact that she can see things from his perspective. It might be time quit if your woman makes you feel estranged whenever you are in the mood to look into the issues you have in your relationship.

If there is a sign she still cares and although most men hate arguments, silence is a woman’s last cry. She thinks the relationship is damaged beyond repair once she decides not to argue anymore. She thinks that none of her efforts can make things work again. Not arguing is a sign that a woman has given up and is actually ready to lose you forever.


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