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How to Know if My Manhood is Normal

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How to Know if My Manhood is Normal

How to Know if My Manhood is Normal

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During private times, you may have wondered whether or not your manhood is normal. It is important during times of physical self evaluation to remember that we are not professionals. However, there here are a couple of common concerns that arise during the privacy of self examination.


Let’s start by understanding a little bit about what “normal” actually is. Things like length, coloration, and width vary greatly. These superficial differences are created predominantly by genetics. There are some treatments, and even surgeries, that claim they can alter these predetermined factors. It is common, however, for aesthetic looks to vary.

So before you worry yourself if your manhood is normal, it may be a good idea to ask yourself: Has the appearance of my body changed, or has it always been like this? Is it painful or uncomfortable? Remember that you are the authority on your own body. You know the most about how “normal” feels and looks.

That said, one of the issues that may have concerned you could be the curvature of your member. This can be caused by slight injury or stimulus. Rarely does a person actually fracture his member, but even small impacts can be potentially harmful. An injury below the belt can also be extremely painful and should be seen after by a medical professional. Making sure there is no real damage after an injury is important to your personal health. This ensures you that your body functions are evaluated, rather than just the aesthetic.

A slight bend is not an uncommon, or even harmful in many cases. But it can be a symptom of something called Peyronie’s Disease . Essentially, this is a condition that causes one side of the male organ to inflate faster than the other side. This creates a bend or curve, along with other symptoms. Any male from adolescence onward is at risk for developing the condition. However, it is most common in men between the ages of 40 and 60. Some men are not inconvenienced by the condition whatsoever, though for some it is severe. The treatments for Peyronie’s Disease vary depending on the severity and presentation of symptoms.

Another thing that may be causing you to worry are issues regarding the foreskin. Whether you are unable to pull it back (Phimosis) or it will not return to its original position once pulled back (Paraphimosis), these issues can be alarming. It can be caused by something like swelling from an injury or Balanitis, which is an inflammation of the head. While there are varying degrees of pain and discomfort in these situations, your physician will more than likely be able to easily remedy these situations with medications or minimal procedures.

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Something else that may have caused you to question the normalcy of your member is perhaps how it feels. Textural differences in phallic skin and tissue can be an indicator of any number of things. It can mean something as simple as your skin is having a reaction to something. Your private areas may have touched something, reacted to it and became inflamed. Soaps, grooming products and detergents are among the common offenders in this area. These irritations are easily remedied by removing and avoiding the products causing irritation.

A far more serious cause of skin abnormalities is infection and disease. There are many diseases that can manifest symptoms on the skin. Many of these illnesses are transmitted $exually and can cause pain during use. It is important to receive regular testing for STI’s and STD’s even if symptoms aren’t present. However, when the skin of your member becomes irritated it is exceptionally important that you be professionally evaluated. Receiving medical attention and timely treatment is crucial to your private health.

Textural differences beneath the surface of the skin, such as lumps, can be cause for anxiety. These developments aren’t always as easy to detect and can be indicators of many things, including penile cancer. Making self inspection a normal part of your daily grooming routine can help minimize undetected developments. Becoming familiar with one’s own body is how we detect if there is cause for alarm. The more you know about your body, the easier it will be to recognize something that is out of place or different. Even if the differences are minute, you should have them seen by a doctor.

Cosmetic differences are inevitable, so comparison is only helpful to a point. The most crucial thing when it comes to your personal and private health is that you are aware. Be aware of any changes or discomforts and bring them to the attention of a professional. Be aware of ways to promote your own health and avoid risk. Be aware of any differences in how your body functions. Catching subtle differences can mean all the difference in the world.

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