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Make Your Own Magnesium Oil to Treat Muscle Pain, Headaches and More

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Make Your Own Magnesium Oil to Treat Muscle Pain, Headaches and More

Make Your Own Magnesium Oil to Treat Muscle Pain, Headaches and More

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The twitch in your lower eyelid coinciding with the lack of sleep or high-stress times is most probably correlated with magnesium deficiency. Studies show 75% of adults in the United States alone are magnesium deficient even though it is essential to our health. Magnesium is a necessary catalyst for more than 300 biochemical reactions occurring in our bodies daily. That is why magnesium oil become very popular among people.


Magnesium helps us to maintain normal nerve and muscle functions, steady heart rates, healthy immune systems, and strong bones. It additionally helps in the regulation of our blood sugar levels, enhances normal blood pressure, and contributes to protein synthesis and energy metabolism.

Magnesium deficiency might be the root cause of insomnia, diabetes, depression, migraines, and hypertension. Today, this deficiency is ever so prevalent as a result of the declining quality of the soil. The content of magnesium in the soil directly affects the amount of this element in the food we produce.

Signs of magnesium deficiency include but are not limited to:
• Osteoporosis or weak bones
• Muscle cramps
• Headaches
• Insomnia
• Unbalanced blood sugar or diabetes
• Fibromyalgia or muscle pains
• High blood pressure
• Depression or anxiety
In addition to these warning signs, constipation might also be a sign.

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However, this cool do-it-yourself magnesium oil has the ability to help you achieve a number of things including:
• Better sleeping patterns
• The prevention of severe heart conditions
• A more energized feeling

Since industrial farming techniques have significantly depleted most of the soil in the United States, achieving the recommended daily intake of magnesium is a challenge. We have to do much more than ensuring our diet plans, and foods are rich in magnesium.

Lifestyle choices are another factor. The consumption of excess alcohol, sugars, and caffeine, combined with stress and lack of sleep also depletes magnesium levels.

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Making Your Magnesium Oil
This totally affordable do-it-yourself magnesium oil provides one of the easiest and quickest modes of increasing your levels of magnesium. As much as magnesium oils are available for sale, making your own allows for customization and also saves money.

• Half a cup of magnesium chloride flakes
• Half a cup of distilled water
• One glass bowl or a glass measuring cup
• One glass spray bottle

• Start by boiling the distilled water. Using distilled water helps to extend the shelf life of the resultant mixture, making it a necessity.
• Place the magnesium chloride flakes inside your glass bowl or glass measuring cup and then proceed to pour the boiling distilled water over it.
• Stir until the magnesium chloride flakes dissolve completely. Allow the solution to cool down completely and then store it in the spray bottle. You can store this solution for at least six months at room temperature.

How to Use Your Do-it-yourself Magnesium Oil
Spraying the magnesium oil on your stomach, arms, and legs constitute the most efficient way of ensuring absorption. You should generously spray yourself on a daily basis, allowing approximately 20 minutes before you wash off. You can also let the magnesium oil stay on your skin throughout the day, enabling it to work its magic.

You might experience a little tingling the very first times you spray magnesium oil onto your skin. This tingling will only be on the sprayed part of the skin. This reaction is quite normal and goes away over time. However, if you find the tingling sensation bothersome, you can dilute the solution with water.

Using magnesium oil helps to support your joints and muscles. It improves your skin by reducing the visible signs of wrinkles and aging. Magnesium oil also enhances the performance of your digestive system by aiding metabolism and promoting anabolism. Almost every other culture throughout history employed a form of magnesium oil to support a healthy immune system and improve general health. As such, even though magnesium oil takes a lot of time to make, the benefits are worth your while.


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