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How Much Should Women Compromise in Bed?

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How Much Should Women Compromise in Bed?

How Much Should Women Compromise in Bed?

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Compromising can be tricky, particularly when it comes to getting down. For instance, a woman might not be in the mood or might not be a fan of the kinky stuff. There is usually a rather fine line between doing what feels best for you and the urge to make your partner happy. So, how much should women compromise in bed?


Couples often run into trouble whenever a partner regularly sacrifices their pleasure for the sake of their significant other. Such continual sacrifices often lead to unhappiness over time and usually women compromise more.

According to Dawn Michael, a clinical $exologist, women sacrifice their own pleasure more often than men, which happens quite frequently. Finding common ground in bed should be about strengthening your bond and expanding your love lives into new territory. Sucking it up for the team is not the right way. Here is how to get it right.

According to a $ex therapist, Kat Van Kirk, women should be honest about their motives for compromising in bed. Taking the plunge to step out of your comfort zone might be worthwhile. And this applies in particular if it will, in the long run, serve you and your relationship. However, you should step back and advocate for yourself if you are compromising out of either obligation or guilt.

For instance, a man might want to try something new or out of the ordinary. A woman should try working up to the man’s expectations over time. Alternatively, women can simply opt for an alternate behavior with which they are more comfortable. According to Kat Van Kirk, physical affection begets affectionate feelings, which means it will probably take some investment from both parties. You should obviously refrain from trying anything remotely similar to what a man suggests if you do not want to.

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Women should stand firm when it comes to their limitations and have the knowledge that it is okay to have limits. Having clear boundaries makes it a lot easier for a woman to offer alternatives without feeling the pressure or need to please. Both parties lose out whenever a woman reluctantly makes a compromise and allows something she generally would not. It is quite hard to enjoy you romantic time when your partner seems to be really uncomfortable. It is a major red flag if your man is not concerned when it comes to your comfort.

Although it might be straight up outrageous or quite unfamiliar, entirely brushing off his idea can cause resentment or hurt feelings. Instead, do a little research about something if your significant other wants you to try it out. You may as well be intrigued by what you find, in which case you might end up all prepped and ready. A man will appreciate you caring enough to invest time into making an informed decision regardless of whether or not you turn the idea down.

You should take turns to initiate your physical affections to keep things fresh, which is one way of making love and not war. A woman can set the scene for what she likes to do in bed when it is her turn to initiate the physical affection. It is, however, important to always consider your partner’s limits, and your partner should do the same when it is his turn. The idea is to shift the focus entirely, from compromising your pleasure to a mutual sharing of the responsibility.

You may have reservations on whether or not your significant other will keep up his end of the deal. You may not want ever to get into the type of situation where it is a single party that is always either nagging or reminding the other. Start by holding up your end of the deal for a time, especially since change is never easy to either accept or take effect.

A woman should allow her partner some time to see if he will eventually follow her lead when it comes to compromise. Initiate a casual conversation with the aim of finding out what is happening if your partner does not follow suit. It might actually be a case of merely adjusting your agreement and expectations. However, checking in with a $ex therapist might be a good idea if a woman finds that she continues to be the one bending all the time. A $ex therapist might help you to figure out how best to fix the issue.

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