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Optimistic People All Have One Common Character: They’re Always Late

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Optimistic People All Have One Common Character: They’re Always Late

Optimistic People All Have One Common Character: They’re Always Late

Do you know someone who is chronically late? Does it annoy you to no end? Would you love to understand your lover who always is late so that you can be happy and hopeful in love? One thing you may not realize is that your loved one who always is late actually is a happy and optimistic person by nature, and you can learn a lot from that person. Why are people who are late optimistic and vice versa? Read on to learn more:

Optimistic People All Have One Common Character- They’re Always Late

Living with Abandon

People who are routinely late actually don’t mean to be. It’s almost as if they can’t help it. And left unchecked, you’ll find them jumping down a rabbit hole of fun and emerging whenever they feel like it. That’s because people who are often late simply are living in the moment. They see each new opportunity and new experience as a time to invest specifically in the moment — because no one will ever get back that moment. Each moment is unique and special and must be experienced, they will tell you! That’s how they lose track of time so easily! They’ll come floating into your meeting on a high of happiness because they’ve just met the coolest person or learned something new. They have to work on being more respectful of others’ time.

Hoping in Hope

Don’t look down upon the late arrivers. They aren’t irresponsible or hopeless people. People who always are late actually are quite hopeful people. They believe the best in people and they are trying to squeeze the most hope out of life. They are ready to take life by the horns and will it to work out!

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Time is Always Relative

For the person who is chronically late, time is always relative. It never takes too long or goes by too quickly because they accept the moment for what it is. No matter where they are, they see time as something to be experienced, and they are able to switch quickly from experience to experience because there is so much to take in.

Sometimes the chronically late also need boundaries, and that’s where their loved ones can really help them in the interpersonal journey. But they also can give to you — the timely — a new sense of life and adventure. Before you know it, you’ll be sailing across the world, impulsively flying to Paris, taking a cooking class — and doing all kinds of new activities that you never thought you’d do. And best of all, you’ll find that you’ve stopped looking at your watch.


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