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Here’s Why You Should Limit Your Time of Sitting on the Toilet

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Here's Why You Should Limit Your Time of Sitting on the Toilet

Here’s Why You Should Limit Your Time of Sitting on the Toilet

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The one time during the day to really find peace and quiet is often when you are alone in the bathroom. Life is hectic, and taking that break to relieve yourself can be quite peaceful while you let the world around you continue in its chaos. However, sometimes this leads to people sitting on the toilet for much longer than they actually need to. This may actually be a bad thing that is not beneficial to our health. Here are the scientific reasons why you should limit your time on the toilet.


During the digestive process, our bodies go through peristalsis, which is a series of muscle contractions throughout the digestive tract, moving food to the various processing stages of digestion. Beginning in the esophagus, peristalsis continues throughout the intestines to allow nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Peristalsis finishes in the large intestine where water is absorbed into the bloodstream and the remaining waste products are excreted through a bowel movement. Holding in a bowel movement, however, can reverse this process, resulting in hardened feces causing constipation. If you sit on the toilet for too long, your body will recognize the activity as more of a leisure time than an active time to produce a bowel movement.

Additionally, if you spend too much time on the toilet because you are trying to force a bowel movement to occur, you may get hemorrhoids from the stress that you are putting on your body. Sitting and forcing a bowel movement should trigger the thought that something is not right and there needs to be a change in the diet to help peristalsis occur.

2 Why You Should Limit Your Time of Sitting on the Toilet

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Training your body to not recognize sitting on the toilet as a time to create a bowel movement may result in constipation, which is when hard stool accumulates in the lower colon, causing the stomach to engorge. This may also cause discomfort and sharp pain in the abdominal area. When the hard stool does eventually pass, it may overstretch the anal tissue and tear up the skin in the area, causing open wounds and bleeding.

The modern toilet is a convenient luxury, but its faults must be recognized. Requiring us to sit at a 90 degree level, this is not how our bodies were originally made to function. Studies show that a more natural squatting position, with a deeper bend of the pelvis, improves our ability to create a bowel movement. If you sit on the toilet for too long with little or no success, you are not training your body properly to have a full bowel movement.

Constipation, colon disease, and pelvic floor disorders are all difficult to overcome. Once the nerves in the pelvic area become damaged or weakened, they may be difficult to retrain and strengthen back up to work together in unison to create healthy bowel function. Sitting on the toilet for too long will not benefit bowel function, as it no longer lets the body recognize it as a time to eliminate toxic waste from the system.


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