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She Ate ONLY Pizza For 1 Week As ‘Cleanse’ And Lost 5 Pounds! Here Is How Doctor Explains It

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She Ate ONLY Pizza For 1 Week As ‘Cleanse’ And Lost 5 Pounds! Here Is How Doctor Explains It

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She Ate ONLY Pizza For 1 Week As ‘Cleanse’ And Lost 5 Pounds! Here Is How Doctor Explains It

It’s not usually a good idea to make generalizations. However, there are some generalizations that are pretty safe to make. First, it is safe to say that most people are interested in losing weight. It is also true that most people love eating pizza. With that said, what if I told you there was a way to lose weight by only eating pizza? It’s true! That is exactly what one woman did. People are quickly becoming interested in duplicating her results.

She Only Ate Pizza For A Week And Lost 5 Pounds !

So what is the complete story regarding this awesome juxtaposition of weight loss and eating pizza? Well, writer Charlotte Palermino decided to do what she called a pizza cleanse. She outlined her day-by-day eating habits and how she felt after eating slices of pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She resolved to only eat pizza for one week.

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The secret? She would cut out all alcohol and sugar from her diet. The woman had a hunch that removing those two items from her daily calorie intake would allow her to enjoy pizza guilt free. She also set some rules as to exactly what qualified as a pizza for her little experiment. First, the pizza had to be made from real dough. Second, the pizza had to have cheese and some type of sauce. She would also be allowed to sprinkle some vegetables onto her pizza if she needed some vitamins. Finally, she would still be allowed to drink coffee.
Day 1
pizza day 1__

Charlotte’s Pizza Cleanse Rules
“-There must be crust, and no cauliflower/hummus stuff. I’m talking dough that my non-celiac stomach can handle.
-There must be cheese or topping.
-There must be some sort of sauce (olive oil counts).
-If I start to develop scurvy, I’m allowed to sprinkle kale or whatever on it.
-No supplementary foods or alcohol (I’m cleansing, OK?).
-Coffee is allowed because the last time I didn’t drink coffee, I got into a heated fight with someone on the subway.”

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Day 2
pizza day 2__
pizza day 2a__

Day 3
pizza day 3__
pizza day 3a__

So how did her experiment work? Well, the woman was hungover on the first day of her pizza cleanse. She gobbled ten slices of pizza at her favorite pizza place near her home. She woke up the next day with terrible heartburn. She ate 1.75 personal pizzas at a restaurant. Later, she felt terribly bloated from all of those carbs. She headed to the gym and ran 5 miles, grabbed another little pizza for dinner, and went to bed. The next few days were an uncomfortable experience for the woman. She experienced headaches, bloating, and a general feeling of misery. He body cried out for food other than pizza. However, by the end of the week, her body had become accustomed to the new diet. She was able to eat pizza without feeling bloated or getting heartburn. She also reported that her skin felt clearer, and her pants were easier to snap.

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Day 4
pizza day 4__
pizza day 4a__

Day 5
pizza day 5__

The woman lost a total of 5 pounds by the end of the week. However, a doctor suggested that the weight loss didn’t come from eating pizza. Rather, the benefits came from cutting out all of that sugar. The woman learned that almost any cleanse diet will provide the same results. This is because people grow a bit tired of the cleanse food, and they end up eating less of it. If they aren’t cheating, they end up losing weight from missing out on all of those calories.

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Day 6
pizza day 6__
pizza day 6a__

Day 7
pizza day 7__
pizza day 7a__

Bonus Day
pizza day bonus__

She Ate ONLY Pizza For 1 Week As 'Cleanse' And Lost 5 Pounds! Here Is How Doctor Explains It
A pizza cleanse probably wouldn’t work for a long time. Your body would eventually cry out for different foods. However, it does show you don’t need fancy foods to perform a cleanse and lose weight. You just need commitment and a little imagination!


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