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3 Things Smart Women Keep in Private

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3 Things Smart Women Keep in Private

3 Things Smart Women Keep in Private

Today, most smart women tend to keep their incomes, love lives, and next move completely private. When it comes to social media, some people simply overstep the boundaries regarding too much information. Most people are ignorant about when and where to draw the line.

3 Things Smart Women Keep in Private

Today’s contemporary society encourages human beings to bare their souls to maintain authenticity. However, this realness comes with a few disguised filters, which allows for a little mystery. As such, it is important to note that there is still a line, which although you should not, you might cross. Regrettably, people cross this line all the time.

Smart women keep their incomes private

As smart women have learned, keeping your income private as opposed to being open about has several upsides. It allows you to either play up or play down your wealth, depending on circumstances. Because of not knowing, no one will envy you for making more than the average.

The lack of envy means you can blend in with everyone else and no one will try to take you down. You eliminate the stress of having to constantly stay alert and watchful for the potential threats to your status and lifestyle. The resulting peace of mind significantly enhances your quality of life.

Keeping your income private also ensures you won’t feel like you always have to be the one paying simply because you make relatively more. On the other hand, smart women keep their income to themselves because they recognize the downside of revealing their income.

You might be judged by what you do and do not spend your money on and not on merit. This type of judgment is because everyone else is associating your identity and personality with your income. People will also start expecting a lot more from you. As a result of the association and expectations, you might come across as arrogant and boastful to many.

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Smart women keep their next move private

It is quite understandable that most women will find the act of sharing with others beneficial, especially on an emotional level. Smart women have however learnt that sharing can drag you down. Opinions usually affect decisions, which will also ideally apply to your decision when it comes to your next move. There is an element of satisfaction that results from the act of sharing with others. This element of satisfaction might keep you from taking further action since you will already be feeling good.

It is also true that sharing information when it comes to your next move might hamper or change your initial plans. Smart women know that the changes you make to your initial plans almost always prove detrimental as opposed to beneficial.

Smart women keep their love life private

Not every other person you associate with has your best interests at heart, which is only natural. Smart women keep their $ex life private because they know other people can use the information you volunteer to hurt you. As such, most smart women prefer not to join social media platforms altogether.

It might be the cause problems if your current partner obtains knowledge on the people you had physical relations with in the past. Comparisons will be made, which could even create animosity. Since men are competitive and jealous in nature, it is best for women to keep their romantic lives private.

The details of your romantic escapades can also be used to slander your name, especially when you have a falling out. Eliminating such worries from your life also significantly improves your quality of life.


Smart women keep in a number of things regarding their lives private. It is however important to note that keeping some things private does not translate to being embarrassed by your feelings. Sucking it up and acting happy even when you are completely miserable is not what we are encouraging here. Remember, your feelings are validated.

We are however discouraging you from publicly opening up your wounds so that the whole world judges you. This is especially applicable whenever you find yourself in a vulnerable place. We may have to revisit holding back, especially in this day and age where frequent and continual sharing is the norm. It is therefore important that you keep some things to yourself as opposed to sharing.

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