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10 Real Ways To Discover What You’re Passionate About

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10 Real Ways To Discover What You're Passionate About

10 Real Ways To Discover What You’re Passionate About

If you are unsure about what you want to do in this life, you are not alone. There are plenty of people out here trying to discover their passion, and there is good news. Many of them have found it! Here are 10 of the best ways to find yours.


– Silence

Much of the stress of “finding your passion” comes from the noise that the world constantly gives you and that you give yourself. It is pressure, that you do not need. Moreover, your passion is not coming any faster just because you stress about it. Give yourself the luxury of silence when things get too intense.

– Long, Hot Shower

Many people do their best thinking in the bathroom because they have to completely zone out in order to let nature take its course! The mind works best without your interference, believe it or not, and a hot shower can get you out of your own way and help you find your passion.

– Sleep

In order to think, you need to dream. Sleep clears your mind of its cobwebs and starts your mental energy off correctly the next morning. Think of sleep as washing off your chalkboard every morning. If you could not find the solution to your problems yesterday, then there is no use keeping all that garbage on the board! Go to sleep and see how much better you think in the morning.

– Macadamia Oil

Taking care of your body is essential if you expect it to give you great ideas. The body and the mind work in tandem, and the mind is naturally inclined to focus on the needs of the body if it is wanting. If you are hungry, that is all your mind wants to think about. If you have itchy, bad skin, your mind will focus on that rather than on your passion. Clear that skin up with macadamia oil and help yourself towards your passion that much faster! Macadamia oil is also great for your blood pressure and cardiovascular health, both of which will help with your thinking process.

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– Seeking Counsel

Although no one will be able to tell you what your passion is or even how to get there, people can provide inspiration for their own journeys. They can tell you how to avoid the pitfalls that trap everyone on the search for the Holy Grail. They will also provide you much-needed companionship because the road to your passion can get lonely if you do not have friends and mentors along the way to help you.

– Dating

If you are single, getting out into the dating sphere can help you learn about yourself. You will learn your strengths and weaknesses and how you naturally interact with others. You may also come across someone with a new perspective on your troubles.

– Volunteer Work

Looking for your passion may turn you into a selfish person. This will not help, as you will simply eat yourself spiritually and emotionally while you are trying to look for your calling in life. The best way to conquer this hurdle is to make sure that you are doing something for someone else every day. Volunteer work is a great start.

– Taking Up a New Skill


Every time you learn a new skill, you use a different part of your brain. Therefore, learning a new skill helps you to think in a different way. Try a foreign language.

– Intense Physical Activity

Again, taking the mind off of itself is a great way to get it moving in the right direction. This also works because you will need a hot shower immediately afterwards!

– Try Everything

You will not know what you want to do until you try. Try every idea that comes into your head.

You can look to these sources to find even more detail about how to find your passion.

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