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Simple Method to Solve Your Foot Problems

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Simple Method to Solve Your Foot Problems

Many women are embarrassed or uncomfortable in the summer wearing sandals, due to their dry, cracked feet, calluses and other foot problems. Having unsightly calluses and corns on the feet is rugged and takes away from the delicate look that people tend to go for. They may also be uncomfortable and scratchy, which calls for some relief.

1 Simple Method to Solve Your Foot Problems

After experiencing the same wear and tear on her feet as everyone else does, one woman decided it was time to take action. She made a DIY at-home remedy of an aspirin foot scrub that she had come across several times online. While it is tough to soften dry and hard skin, it is possible to remove some of the dead skin cells, which in turn softens the feet.


Making an aspirin foot scrub was an easy mixture of ten uncoated aspirin tablets, pulverized into powder, plus about 1/8 cup of citrus. Any citrus fruit will do, from lemon to lime to grapefruit. Apply this solution onto damp feet and let it soak in for ten minutes before gently wiping it away. The woman in this case found this remedy to be a bit time-consuming, but overall effective. This is an inexpensive way to treat dry feet on short notice.

In general, cracked feet and heels are common, and can be a cosmetic problem or cause real pain. The most common symptom of cracked feet and calluses are dry skin and a thick layer of hard, dead skin on the heels, sides of the feet, and side of the big toe, that are yellow or dark brown in color. It is important to tend to these areas of the skin as soon as they develop to prevent them from getting worse.

Method to Solve Your Foot Problems


Most who are affected by calluses are female. While 15% of the population suffer from corns and calluses, 3.7% of males and 9.1% of females have them. They are much more common in women than in men, possibly due to the shoes that women tend to wear that do not offer support like men’s shoes. These calluses can come up due to the friction and pressure that is applied to the feet from rubbing against bony areas, such as the heel or the toe, or against something in a shoe. This includes high heels, as wearing high heels places so much extra weight on the bottom of the foot, it is likely to widen and form calluses.

Cracked heels can also be due to an unhealthy diet, dry air, aging, lack of moisture, wearing uncomfortable shoes, and walking on hard floors too often. Other medical conditions may result in corns and calluses such as eczema, diabetes, thyroid problems, and psoriasis.

If time allows, leave the aspirin and citrus mixture to sit on your feet over night. Cover them with non-absorbent socks as to not get the mixture on your bed sheets, and wake up in the morning to start the peeling process.

After peeling, apply a very greasy or thick lotion to the feet before wearing a different pair of non-absorbent socks until the lotion fully penetrates the skin. After doing this about 10-15 times, you should see the results that you are looking for, soft feet without any hard places that need additional attention.

Having soft feet is something everyone wants in order to avoid embarrassment and pain. This inexpensive remedy is easy to do at home and will create lasting results.

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Simple Method to Solve Your Foot Problems

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