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How to Be the Right Partner to Get Relationship You Desire

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How to Be the Right Partner to Get Relationship You Desire

How to Be the Right Partner to Get Relationship You Desire

Relationships are essential for a healthy life. A Study from The University of Minnesota showed benefits of healthy relationships, including longer life and better health. The key to having good relationships is not only to find the right partner but to be the right partner. To do that it’s necessary for a man to practice certain behaviors to get the relationship he wants. To be in the kind of relationship you desire, you need to be the following:

How to Be the Right Partner to Get Relationship You Desire


An article on thegoodmenproject.com tells a story of a man who had to find his real voice. Fearing what would happen if he told his wife how he really felt, he buried his words for years. When he finally came out with his honest feelings, it changed his marriage in a positive way.

Being real with a partner is the way to build a foundation for a good relationship. Men should practice being real from the beginning, never attempting to put on a fake persona. Authenticity builds trust, and without trust a relationship cannot thrive.

There should be no filters or walls around who you really are. Psychology Today describes authentic partners as people who are who they are all the time, no games or pretending.

A Strong Communicator

Positive communication is essential for a good relationship. The University of Washington lists it as an important trait for relationships that are healthy for both partners. Being a strong communicator means being honest, open, and considerate.

Strong communicators do not demand to have authority over conversations. They are good at expressing feelings while being empathetic to the feelings of their partner. Their goal is always to come to a satisfactory solution without using insulting language or harmful tactics.

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Strong communicators don’t shut down when there’s a problem. Instead, they use their problem solving skills to discuss ways to help. This allows their partners to communicate with them openly without fear of being disregarded.


The University of Washington tells us something most people already know: being supportive in a relationship is extremely important. Supportive doesn’t mean allowing a partner to treat you poorly while you stand by and take it. Within the context of a healthy relationship, it means helping the other person realize their goals.

Supportive men are not afraid of ambitious women. They are able to see their partner’s accomplishments as strengths instead of feeling insecure about her success. Supportive men are more likely to attract supportive, confident women.


Psychology Today lists self-accountability as one of the most important ingredients for partners seeking good relationships. Self-accountability means holding yourself responsible instead of seeing how much you can get away with.

Self-accountable men know where they need to improve. They also know their strong points and how to make their case. Self-accountability allows men to just keep getting better as time goes on.


Women love men who laugh. The image of the serious, brooding male may be common, but it’s not the norm in successful relationships. Women want a man who can laugh with her, and one who makes her laugh is even better.

Psychology Today points out that men shouldn’t use humor to hide their feelings. That would negate their authenticity and their ability to communicate. Instead, they know when humor is appropriate and when it will help diffuse tension and relieve stress.

If you’re looking for the right partner, you need to be the right partner. These five traits will help you find someone and stay in the right relationship for the long run.

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