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What He Thinks If You Act Like in @dult Rated Movies

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What He Thinks If You Act Like in @dult Rated Movies

What He Thinks If You Act Like in @dult Rated Movies

If you ladies ever watch adult rated movies, do you wonder what your man would think of you if you were to act in a manner similar to that of the women in such movies? You might have even contemplated asking your man to watch adult-rated movies with you, but you promptly shut yourself down due to embarrassment and insecurity, especially since you most likely think the standards set by the women in these movies are too high for you to match.


After surveying a handful of men with a few questions related to adult rated movies and the actors of said movies, here is some great news for you.

Although most men do have fantasies about being either with the stars of adult rated movies or asking their partners to play the role of said movie stars, when asked whether they would voluntarily be with adult rated movie stars, most men surprisingly said they would not.

As it turns out, most men are repelled by the fake moans and would rather try out new ideas or techniques in bed with their partners, other than be with the adult rated movie stars. Most men secretly prefer having their partners take up the movie star roles.

The men were asked whether it mattered if a woman talked or acted like an adult rated movie star in bed.

The response was as follows:
• Although at times it adds to the fun when their partners play-act like the adult rated movie stars, as soon as the groans and moans start to sound surreal, they will no longer be interested.
• Men are okay and will remain interested as long as it does not sound like the weird adult rated movies where women squeal.
• Men prefer when women are being natural since they hate the fake adult rated movie moans which women sometimes imitate thinking it turns the men on, yet it does not.
• Although play-acting is quite exciting, women must always remain real and natural.
• Most men are not into some weird adult rated acts since most of the adult movies are unrealistic.

Here is what men think on whether their partners should watch adult movies with them
• Men think it offers a suitable alternative to routine.
• Even though some people may think it is weird, most men support the idea of watching adult rated movies with their partners and think it can lead to open discussions and more fun.
• Men also cited that it helps a couple to learn while together, which includes new things about one another as well as new and exciting positions.
• Although men like the fantasy watching adult movies with their partners can create, they hate it when their partners get jealous over the movie stars, especially since there is no chance that the men can ever be with said movie stars.

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• Men also think it is a great idea only if both partners are into it and know they are only watching the movies for fun and pleasure. If one partner is interested and the other is not, relationships will most likely get strained.
• Watching adult movies with your partner can also be great if both of you are willing to honestly talk about what you do and do not like, which in turn makes it possible to take the time to find something that both of you are into.

Here is what men think on whether it is weird when the girl next door turns into an adult rated movie star in the bedroom
• It is not weird since most girls are all business outside the house and totally different when indoors.
• People will usually hide what they really are and want, it is quite amazing how women let go of all inhibitions when in bed.

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