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To obtain personal growth and satisfaction with yourself and your body at any size we must first learn to stop labeling our food, “good food” and “bad food,” do not blame your size issues on the poor innocent food! The food was delicious, granted, but we wanted it to be, so therefore it was meeting our needs at that time. There are healthier choices, and not as healthy choices, that’s it.

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One food commonly regarded as evil is pizza. Pizza is beautiful, it smells good, it looks good,  it is good; why do you want to paint a tail and horns on that poor pizza? You can change the way you make it, thin crust, preferably whole wheat, part-skim cheese and less of it, use lots of vegetable, use a marinara full of veggies too, you can even buy turkey pepperoni these days. Another tip, one or 2 small slices of pizza is just as delicious as eating a whole one. Eat a big salad first, or a plate of cruciferous vegetables, drink a big glass of water, if you have less room you’ll be less tempted to eat too much.

Cookies or chocolate are more much aligned food choices, it is way worse for you to feel deprived and like you “must not eat the evil bad cookies” than to eat one or two cookies, healthier cookie options abound, as do recipes to make your own. As I have stated before, one piece of decadent chocolate allowed to melt on your tongue will cure any craving for a few calories.

Battered and deep fried foods are another one, when I am eating with kids they pay a “mommy tax” which means I get one or two french fries, or one onion ring, better yet divide one order among the whole family, all things in moderation.

There are no magic foods, there is one, and only one, magic solution to weight loss, burn more than you take in. Use moderation in all things. Do not judge yourself as bad or unworthy, and believe it or not, you can eat too much of healthier choices and not lose. Be well on your journey and think of your food as purposeful, and yes delicious, fuel for the machine of your body.

About the author:
MamaSteph has 2 kids by birth and several by love, she is a nurse and enjoys finding healthier ways to make comfort foods, gardening, enjoying nature, and living life to the fullest…For a list of her blogs please click here.


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