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What’s Really Prevents People From Cheating

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What's Really Prevents People From Cheating

What’s Really Prevents People From Cheating

If you have ever wondered why your totally amazing partner stays with you when you feel average at best, then this article is for you. Well, first things first: You are far better than average! Secondly, it is safe to say that the world is full of cheaters. Countless slang terms exist to describe the growing cheating population. And it has become second nature to laugh it off as opposed to attempting to better understand what makes people cheat or what prevents them from doing so.


Well, contrary to popular belief, cheating has absolutely nothing to do with looks-not yours and not the other person. It does, however, have everything to do with the state of the relationship and the general wellbeing of the people involved; it is completely psychological.

Studies from Rutgers University and New York University have proven that the people you once found attractive are no longer attractive now that you have entered into a relationship. This is so because your brain registers as being happy, thus signaling it to produce serotonin hormones, so your psyche’s ability to make the attractive appear ugly is a means to protect your general wellbeing and the feeling you get from being with your partner.

So, while that is the main thing preventing you or your partner from experimenting elsewhere, there are also other factors to consider.


If you are generally a happy person, that will reflect in your relationship as you strive to make your partner and relationship positive existences. However, if you struggle with depression or other psychological disorders, you will constantly attempt to find happiness elsewhere, though the problem is within you and not who you are with.

Additionally, selfless people will demonstrate that throughout their relationship, ultimately creating a happy place that you and your partner will enjoy being in, further deterring anybody from doing the unthinkable.

It is important to note that it is easy to detect when your partner is unhappy in a relationship. Most things are innocent at best because face it: The honeymoon stage fades. The beginning of a relationship is full of handholding, constant kissing, and a general feeling of undying passion. That fades, though, as two people grow more comfortable with each other, but it does not equate to being unhappy.

Those who are over a relationship will become detached from the other. Talking will lessen, the time spent together grow shorter, and it will seemingly be painful to even be near your significant other. These are all red flags that cheating has or will begin, so if you cannot fix it, you should end it.

To finalize, the number one reason that your relationship is one without any cheating is because you are both genuinely happy with one another. Your brain makes an attempt to protect the feeling that your partner gives you by making other people appear less attractive, and that greatly aids in preventing the act from ensuing.

Signs of a toxic and unhappy relationship are very obvious and often foreshadow you or your partner’s willingness to cheat.

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